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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
So.. Nermeena and Nesrina were quicker than I am and they have already written about our outing (Nermeena, Nesrina, Rain and myself).. but still I have a lot to say..

It started by Nermeena asking about the Ceramic café, and I thought it would be a nice idea if we met there..

In the reply I got from Nermeena, she told me that she thought I’m not into bloggers meetings.. the fact is yes, I wasn’t into it, but I thought no problem in changing my mind, plus, I very much wanted to get to know Nermeena and Nesrina, so why deprive myself from something I want.

Nermeena rang me when she was there, and I was on the way. When I reached there, I found Rain, and I thought I’ll know Nermeena, since I’ve seen a picture for her before, but I didn’t recognize anyone as Nermeena.. So, I thought I’ll call her and know where she is.. was getting my mobile out and started to dial, when I found her calling.. I answered, and asked where she was.. she said something I didn’t hear, which I misheard for “I’m not still there”.. I asked “ you are not coming?”.. then she said the same thing again.. LOL.. guess what?! She was just standing behind me :D and she was hearing the echo of our conversation.. LOL..

Tell you the truth, that was a good ice breaker :D since I sometimes don’t know how to handle first time meetings.. but it didn’t feel like a first time at all.

Shortly after that, Nesrina joined us. We talked, and talked.. about different things.. I enjoyed talking, and I enjoyed listening. They were very warm and friendly.. Nermeena is like her blog.. active, and she enjoys the day by having a lot to do.. she likes to make the best out of her day, and that explains why she wakes up early. On the contrary is Nesrina, she enjoys resting.. that’s what gives her the pleasure, and makes her happy. Though they are different, however, you can very quickly feel the connection between them :)

Wished that we painted something, but we all were very tired to think about it.. looking forward for next time :)

Girls, I really had a very good time, and it was a pleasure meeting you..

Thank You :)

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ييييه ما قلنا اسمها اجتماع المدونين الأول، ليه في أول فرصة بنتخلى عن عاداتنا و تقاليدنا كده
  At 4/19/2006 11:15:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
The phone thing was hillarious...I liked it :)) and yes...it helped big time. I loved the outing ya Moon, and enjoyed every second...and honestly.I so much appreciated that you offered to meet up...although I am sure that you are not into bloggers meetings w keda..THANK YOU for getting us all together..and thanks for the place..till next time :))
Alaa, which 3adat w takaleed are you talking about?!!

Nermeena, it was my pleasure :))
Till next time isA:)
I liked the idea of the meeting and I was even more delighted to see you. for me, the blogger friends because of the time we spend reading their thoughts and what they let us share with them become some other kind of friends that we are pleased to have. so why not meet them in person.
isA will be meeting again. thanks for your sweet words.
MIB, I was happy as well to meet you.. and I guess it is very nice to meet blogger friends..

Looking forward for the next meeting isA :)
It is so nice that you all could manage to get together:)