My body is aching

Friday, April 14, 2006
Ah ya regly.. ah ya r2abty.. ah ya dahry.. ahh ya dma3’y..
(I’m having an aching leg, neck, back and a head)

In conclusion, no single part in my body is not aching.. why is that?! Here is the story.

One of my main goals since I ever came to that world was to loose weight :( I can’t remember a single moment this hasn’t been one of my targets. It’s a fact that I’m over weight.. and that I love to eat.. and I don’t do a lot of effort.. I think you could guess the result.

Since I was 9 years old.. or may be younger I started playing sports.. I almost passed by every sport we had in the club. Starting from swimming, Taekwondo, Tennis, basketball, speedball, ping pong, Judo.. those that I reached a good level in was swimming, Taekwondo and basketball.. but unfortunately, I wasn’t persistence enough at that time to complete my way through.

After leaving all these sports.. I used to go to the aerobics.. but I stopped after a short while.

Through out these years, I was over weight, but my body was kinda fit.. I had no problem in performing the exercises.

Stopped for a very long while.. about 7 years.

Lately, I’ve been gaining a lot of weight, and I had to take an action about it. Finally, managed to get over my laziness and started going to the aerobics from today.

Tell you the truth, I was shocked at the deteriorated level I’ve reached of fitness. However I was extremely happy.. felt energetic.. it’s not only good for the body, it’s very healthy for the soul as well.. I’m happy to have overcame my laziness and did what is good for myself, just hope this energy doesn’t vanish soon.
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  At 4/14/2006 02:12:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Salamtek Moon!

Wow nice music down here, I like it.

First time first shot, has been always tough. anyways, Keep it up exercising, lossing weight is a matter of time so be patient.

Tip: Try not to missing the next time at GYM, your muscles will not stop aching you with rest rather you should exercise more.

*Try to look for a book titled "The 3 hour diet" by Jorge Cruise, and probably this one either "8 minutes in the morning"

Ah ya regly.. ah ya r2abty.. ah ya dahry.. ahh ya dma3’y..
(I’m having an aching leg, neck, back and a head)

mmm..Hmm tayep reglek, r2abtk, w dahrek are normal stuff to be aching you after exercising, but I am just wondering why your head too, lah konti betkhbatti rasek fi al 7etta.. Just kidding :-)
Moon, I have been trying for moths to get my but to the gym...True, am busy, but am lazy also...:D

Maybe your example will give me more determination in going :)
Salamtek Moon!
Thank you :)

Wow nice music down here, I like it
Glad you do.

Yeah, I know resting will not solve the problem. Hopefully I'm willing not to miss next time.

Will try to look for the books, any idea if they are available in Diwan?!

No, makontsh ba7'bat rasy fi 7etta, the point is moving it up and down frequently gave me a headache.

Yeah, yeah, just try pushing yourself to go for the first time, and you will not regret it.. the feeling of hapiness you will have will be the motive for you to go again, just try it, and let me know how things are going :)
Moon, it's so strange , u know these days i've been thinking about going to the gym! believe it or not , telepathy ;)

Anyway , good for u dearie , sports are very good to those who want to lose weight or those who are in shape, i think my weight is ok , but i feel i'm physically weak, i can't exert physical efforts without getting extremely exhausted , i need to move these muscles a bit and put it into action :).
And also these aches will vanish when u continue exercising , bit by bit u'll gain ur fitness again.

As they always say "a sound mind is in a sound body".
Rain, telepathy always works ;)

Don't wait, just take the decision and go. That't the way for it, even if the inner self of yours told you let's postpone it to tomorrow, matsma3eesh kalamha :D

Though I've been suffering all day long, but still it's fund to continue, and as u said, this aches will vainish if I continued.
I have also, just joined a gym. I'm hoping the fact that I have monthly membership will force me into going.

During my induction the instructor made me lift some weights to test my triceps. I think my triceps have actually left me as it was so hard!

Do lots of stretches at the end of your session and you shouldn't ache as much.
You know what Safiya, I thought of the monthly membership as well to force myself to go :D

Will try to do lots of stretches, thanks for the advice :)