I wished..

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
I wished to be an astronaut ..
I wished to be a geologist ..
I wished to be a teacher ..
I wished to be a radio announcer ..
I wished to be a lawyer ..
I wished to be a business women ..
I wished to be a crafts shop owner ..
I wished to be a fashion designer ..
I wished to be an interior designer ..
I wished and wished ..

But I never wished to be who I am!
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  At 3/09/2006 09:06:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Bossy some of the profesions you mentioned are hard to pursue right now...but some are quite attainable if I may say. "Teacher, radio announcer, crafts shop owner, or fashion designer" work on them...and it might work out for you :)
Nerro, I think it's more of 'do I have the will to attain them?' rather than if they are attainable or not.

It's a matter of, am I willing to give up on what I have to pursue a dream of mine?! Am I that strong?! What am I gonna do with all these people surrounding me who will be waiting for me to fail to tell me "didn't we tell you?".

And the question remains, do I like what I am now, though it wasn't one of my dreams?!
I share your feeling with you. I know what you are talking about as I wished to be a journalist, a radio announcer, a business woman, a crafts shop owner, a bookshop owner, a graphic desingner, but never a housewife!
Well Wonderer, in this case things are a little bit different. I guess you can be a housewife beside any of the other things. Talking about myself I'm willing to give up on my career for the sake of being a housewife.

But what I'm talking about here is, the career itself, it was never one of my dreams when I was a little kid. I never had that passion for it. It was just a series of events that led me to the place where I am, to the thing I'm doing not taking into consideration whether I like it or not.
  At 3/11/2006 10:15:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
It is quite obvious that you are not happy, Just bear in mind "The happiest of people do not necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes along their way"

As for your career path, The current: it did not happen to be real over night. probably, I took you sometime, few years, starting by joining a certain college and after finishing it, seeking a job related to whatever you have already studied. Meanwhile you had some other plans in mind, but for reasons none of them worked out, i.e. whether you did not give them a try or none did work out fine.

In any case, At the present time, think deliberately and then decide..

Let me know what you think..
Yeah, it didn't happen to be real over night. However, it's just the consequence of a certain stage when I knew nothing, or let me say a stage when I thought I'll be strong enough to stop and say I will pursue my dreams, and I kept delegating that stop year after the other.

Unfortunately, I wasn't that strong to do so. Or let me say, I still don't know.

I'm not saying that I don't like what I am now. On the contrary, from the logical point of view, it's giving me everything I would need. But the only thing I was wondering about, why it was never one of my dreams?! May be my dreams are too unreal to be real. That could be one reason.
  At 3/11/2006 11:56:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
Perhaps, there is a reason(s)/or thought(s) that triggered you of thinking about such dreams/or wishes, Pursue that reason and connect them all-together, so,I guess, at this moment you may know why!
Will try to..

Thank you for the advice.
this is life, sometimes it takes one thing but it gives u another in return, think about the things u have ,...r u willing to give it up for any of the things u wished for ? besides... u don't know what tomorrow may bring so think what do u want the most and try to achieve it... if u want to be a teacher or an announcer all it takes is apply for these kinds of jobs, if u want to be a fashion designer start with yourself, a business woman... it comes with time and experience, everything is attainable it we work not wish dear. hope u get what u wished for except for the astronaut one :)
You know ya Nesrina, you are right about how life is, it takes something and give you smth else in return. One can't have everything he/she wants. That true.

But I wonder, given this fact, should I give up on dreaming. Should I get satisfied with what I have and wish for nothing more?!

Don't think I should be doing this. As you said, I should be trying to get what I want as long as I can.

That would be a good solution if I knew what I want. What is it the thing that I'm willing to give up everything else for?! But I don't know it, so I'm left with two options, either I get satisfied with what I have and complete that road I started. Or, to go seek other options, try everything I want, then decide.

It's hard to choose!