One year of blogging.. the baby will start to crawl

Saturday, February 25, 2006
A year from today I started that blog. I had no reason in mind except trying something new. Two people introduced me to the world of blogging. They were Bluelue and Shex. I thought why not, but I never thought I’ll continue for a one whole year.

I liked the idea.. felt more involved in the blogshpere.. and it became such an important part of my life. Thought it will be my safe private place to speak up whatever I feel inside, without fearing of being misunderstood, being judged for whatever I say. It was like talking to myself out loud. Brainstorming about what I’m going through. Seeing my thoughts right in front of me. Judging how I think.

At times that was the reason behind me blogging. However, things don’t always remain the same. The place became less private. I had fears that some people might come across my blog whom I don’t what them to recognize me. These fears were about to make me delete the whole thing, but I couldn’t.

It represents me. The good and the bad. Times when I have something to think of, and times when I’m just an air headed person. A place to criticize myself. See things that I sometimes don’t see about myself.

If I am to talk about that particular year that passed, I believe it was one that carried a lot of changes, a lot of major things that happened.

I started that blog when I was still a student in my final year at college. Having dreams and hopes. Wondering about my future. Wondering if I’ll make it out to the real world or not. Worried of the changes I was going through. Folding a page and starting a brand new one.

This blog witnessed almost all these moments. I skimmed quickly through my posts, from the very first one to my last entry. It felt that a lot has changed, but not me. Moments in my life, situations, states of mind, ideas, thoughts, feelings…

The story to be completed...
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Dear Moon,
If I was to write how I feel about blogging, It would have resembled what you wrote to a great extent.
I even had your fears concerning the privacy as I used to write and expected no one to read which encouraged me at the beginning but when I started to feel there are people reading and commenting I was very amazed I liked it soooo much, especially that all of them were very decent people and their comments were extremely friendly.
So it's now not a hideaway the way it used to be, but rather it's an alternative supportive community that I am glad I belong to.
  At 3/02/2006 08:41:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Apparently feb was the blog frenzy month :)...I also started blogging February 21 last year. Happy First Anniversary dear Moon...3o2bal el 10th isa :))
Nesrina, I'm glad that I belong to that community as well. Glad I'm sharing my thoughts, and sharing others their thoughts.

Nerro, Thank you. Happy anniversary to you too :)) 3o2bal our blog's 10th together isA :))
Happy long belated anniversary, Moon. Seems like your baby is only about a month younger than mine :D. Happy crawling!
Thank you Alina :)

They say a day older, knows more than you by a year (it's a saying here in Egypt).