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Friday, March 03, 2006
Finally this horrible week is over. I started it in a very bad mood. Was very stressed and depressed. Things weren’t going smoothly at work, and I even wasn’t in the mood at all to work. I guess Monday was the peak of my depression. Though I was having an outing with my team after work. But may be that was reason, I don’t like outings I’m not in the mood for.

Well, went out hoping I’ll sit with them for a while then either I’ll catch up with a friend somewhere else or I’ll go home early. Did none of them. Wasn’t able to excuse myself and leave early.

When I went home I was in a horrible state. It wasn’t cause I didn’t enjoy my stay. No, it wasn’t bad after all. But I was feeling worried about something. Was very nervous and stressed. Went to bed, but couldn’t shut down that thing in my head and sleep. Was feeling tension all over my body. Felt I need something to get that out. Couldn’t think of something. Thought of listening to the radio, but nothing was there, thought of reading, but wasn’t in the mood to read any of the stuff I have. Was in a bad need to talk. Let it out by talking. It was late, couldn’t call any of my friends. Didn’t find any of my online friends. Kept going in circles in the house. I need to let it out, but I can’t, not even by writing.

Didn’t know what happened after that, most probably I got tired of going around the house and I slept.

Next day I was feeling better, but still the stress was there. Tried to forget all about it. I managed to do so, got myself busy with work I have. Was planning to go visit a friend of mine together with another friend, but it was canceled. However, I was in a bad need to make a change, to go out, do something different. Went home, asked my mum if she still wants to go to the cinema, and she agreed.

We didn’t find the movie we wanted, we went to another cinema to find out that it’s still not out. Suggested to watch another one, but we were already late.

Invited my mum for a cup of Nescafe and had my cup of hot chocolate. That lifted the mood a lot. Was in a very bad need for it, and thank God it worked.

Wednesday went fine, was almost in a good mood, had a meeting with a number of very nice people I must say. For the first time I find users who appreciate what we are doing. That lifted the mood more. By Thursday I was fine, but still not feeling like working at all.

Today was attending one of my friends katb ketab, then went out together with my family to have dinner. It was nice. The four of us, talking and joking, that’s all what I need.
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  At 3/05/2006 07:43:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
Welcome back :-)

Hoping all is fine at your end..
mooon.. u've been tagged on lasto... sorry.. but u gota solve it hun :P :P

Someone, thank God, everything is going well.

Blue, will do it as soon as possible. Thank you :)