Saturday, February 25, 2006
She is someone who you would like to be around. Don’t know what exactly that attracts me towards her, a hidden thing. From time to time she crosses my mind and I feel like I want to meet her right now, I need to hear from her, I need to talk to her.

We got introduced to each other through a radio show online forum about 2 years ago. From the first line she wrote I felt there is something about that person. Later we started exchanging private messages through which we got to know more about each other. At that time, I remember I used to wait for her messages everyday, check my inbox 10 times an hour. I couldn’t delay replying her. It felt like you are talking to an old friend of yours.

At a certain time a main goal gathered us, I believe we both together with other friends were hoping for it to see the light, but I believe we didn’t have enough will. Anyways, after that, she disappeared for a long time. It was exams and stuff. But I very much needed to connect with her.

If I’d give her a name I’d call her the surprises lady!! Definitely she is. She never fails to surprise me. Each time after I lose hope of contacting her, unpredicted, I find her messages.

Summer 2004 we planned to meet each other. We did. Couldn’t forget it. She was different than the one I thought she would be, yet I liked her more. We left that day on a hope to meet again.

Days went by, connecting together became less.. each was busy with her own life.

Didn’t I say she never fails to surprise me?!! Or I could say life is full of surprises. Last summer, I was attending a course where I was expecting to meet people I know from school, form college, but the least expected was to run into her!

For a moment I couldn’t believe it. She even took sometime to recognize me. The place was crowded, we had a quick chit chat and each went to her place. We planned to meet the three of us me, her and another adorable friend of ours D. Unfortunately, we couldn’t carry out our plans, I wasn’t able to go again to the course, and again each got busy with life.

Couple of weeks ago, I ran into her again, at the same place. This time I wasn’t surprised that much, had and expectation I might see her again. Still we only can have that very quick chit chats.

A week later, I had a phone call from our friend D. giving me the most surprising news, she got married (katb ketab). I was like What?!! Who?!! When?? Repeat again please. I was shocked, don’t know why. It all happened in 4 days, she is really courageous to take such a decision in 4 days. Anyways, I was very happy for her, promised that we should be arranging for a meeting soon the three of us, me, A., and D.

Met A.L. last Thursday to find out that she new that D. got engaged and she promised we should be arranging something very soon.

Since last Thursday and I can’t get her nor the whole way of us getting to know each other from my mind. I mean, we only met once. What if we didn’t?! We would have been meeting face to face without knowing?! Imagine that your online friend would be your neighbor, the one sitting beside you in a bus, or the one working next to you.

Just about an hour ago, I went back to our messages, read them, and couldn’t prevent myself from smiling. I miss us there. I miss the connection. Though it felt wonderful. Ever tried to go through your very first e-mail messages that you had when you first created your account. It brings memories, thoughts..

Thank you my friend for eveyrthing you gave me intentionally or unintentionally.
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