Busy Busy week..

Friday, February 17, 2006
Finally it’s the week end. It has been such a busy stressful week. Was having some problems at work, but you know what, I enjoy it. I enjoy having some challenging problems. Actually I get bored if there is nothing challenging.

So, it was a busy week at work, add to that that I enrolled myself in three courses at the same time, don’t know why. Plus, I’m having a two days per week course at work after working hours. What else?! Umm.. yeah, it was Valentine’s day, and I attended a concert at the culture wheel.

Ohh.. can’t imagine I did all that in a week. The moment I get home I do nothing except wishing my parents a good night and directly go sleep. To the extent that I even sometimes don’t see my mum. She sleeps early and go out early in the morning. Felt that I miss them. Was having a plan for this Friday, but I preferred to spend it with my mum instead.

Don’t know what about that feeling of longing for my parents these days. I really miss them. Feel sorry for my mum who sits alone in the afternoons. I miss my blog. I miss going around visiting my favorite blogs. I miss my chitchats with myself. I miss listening to the radio. I miss a lot of things.
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