An unpleasant Friday!

Friday, February 24, 2006
It started by waking up on a continuous ring from the intercom at 7 in the morning. What a start!

When my brother answered the intercom, it turned out that the security guy of the opposite building caught someone stealing stuff from our garden!! Had to wake up to see what’s going on.

Well, the same thing that happened two times before. A young guy about 13 or 14 taking some stuff from the garden, and same course of actions. Yelling, Shouting, Fighting, getting the police officer, beating the guy, and nothing else.

As much as I know that the guy is guilty, as much as I felt pain when I saw him beaten. He is a young guy, and we don’t know his circumstances, we don’t know what led him to steal. If only we know how these people live!

Sometimes I feel I need to make the whole world happy, I wish to see all people smiling and laughing, I need them to realize that nothing deserve a single tear.

Anyways, back to my unpleasant Friday.

That whole thing in the morning resulted in me waking up early. Umm.. no problem. We waited for a while for my father to come back, but he was late, so we had breakfast me and mum.

I had to go to work to finish some stuff that should be working by Sunday. I had a quick shower, then headed to work. I thought it will take maximum of two hours, and I promised my mum I’ll be taking her to the cinema afterwards.

Well, those two hours extended to be about 6 hours!! Ughhhhh. I hate it. I don’t like things to get of my hands, and I keep revolving around myself. That last hour really drove me crazy. Lost track of what I was doing, couldn’t concentrate any more, and was like jumping on the chair to go home.

Decided I should leave immediately, else I don’t know what would I have done.

It was about 5:30, all my plans were destroyed. I was going to the cinema from 1, then we made it from 3, then we postponed it to 6. Well, we had to go have something to eat first. And that was it. When mum came down and we started to decide where to go. I couldn’t hold my temper more than that, and we started fighting. She thought I was talking to her in a bad way. Actually I was really irritated and nervous and couldn’t bear any discussions with anyone.

So, the stubborn me decided to complete the fight to the end and I didn’t let go. Anyways, I had a good fight with mum which ruined the mood for having any outing. We went to eat and back home.

Before going home, I managed to control myself and fix things again with her. What really saddened me was, I was angry of myself because I promised her with something and work hindered me from it. I was nervous because I wanted to spend the day with her, and she in a moment ruined everything.
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M3lesh, it happens sometimes, just go out with her tomorrow Saturday instead of today.
If this can make you feel any better,I used to have very similar days, used to be the one who ruins all the family plans, the one who can never promise to be there on time and don't keep the promise.
And I know who stressing this can be. what makes it worse is that because you are very stressed out and you feel the guilt that you didn't manage to do something personal because of your, you become like a bomb ticking to explode upon a simple touch, and always this touch comes from a very dear and important person and after the explosion it feels even worse. but in all cases try to finish your work, don't bound yourself with any obligations or plans till you are done then make it up to her and buy her a beautiful gift for the mother's day ahead of time. apologize and explain why you did that.
Hope the next Fridays/days will be pleasant days isA.
Nesrina, what you are saying here is exactly what happened. Thank God things are fine now. Made it up for her in the middle of the week.

Thank you for your wishes :))