I’m just a mouth

Sunday, February 19, 2006
Everyday this theory of mine proves to be right. I’m just a mouth.

Well, after tomorrow I’ll be giving a one day training for some users. From the moment I heard that and I feel my heart is beating!!

I fear nothing as much as I fear public speaking. Though, I’ve attended a lot of presentation skills courses, and did presentations before, and I’m very aware of what does it take to make a good presentation. But still, this does nothing beside my fear of public speaking. Add to that, this time is different. It’s my first presentation at work. It’s a training. Some managers will be attending. It’s my first contact with the users face to face. I’m the youngest.

Well, will not list rest of the reasons. Don’t want to remind myself with them. I’m already in panic. I really wonder how do I want to teach?!
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  At 2/19/2006 09:34:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
Nobody is a "born" speaker, it is a skill that you can learn, and acquire through observation, practice and hard work. As mentioned you have been through this before so isA all will be fine

Tips to be taken into consideration:
-Objective of the presentation,
-Always be visual (Dress decently, Movements of hand and arms, Body language, and Voice)
-Eye contact for all audience,
-Do not read what is written on the slide, and try not to forget and in case you may forget use notes,
-Useing visual aids will help, Ghraphs, Charts, Snapshot screens, ..etc

Good luck and let me know how it goes
  At 2/20/2006 09:00:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
believe me...you will surprise yourself...best of luck isa...
It's only natural to feel scared, i read a statstic about the biggest fears to human beings and guess what was on the top of the list?? yeah , it was public speaking !!! even b4 death itself.

Rehearse well and isA things will be fine,good luck sweetie, u r the best ;) don't care about the audience :)
Moon, I am sure you will do just great! It is normal to be a little afraid of public speaking, especially if managers are around to hear it! But I am sure all those classes you took and your lovely nature will help you have the best training session in that company's history :)
Dear friends, I'm really thankful for your supportive comments :)

Can't imagine the day is over, actually it is. The nightmare is over.

How did it go?!
Well, the duration of the session was one hour, which I gave 5 consecutive times. First two was very bad I guess. I was surprised by people’s attitude. They were debating about things out of my scope, but thank God I had the project manager to deal with them. The next three were better I guess. I managed to handle things better than the first two.

I guess All in all it wasn’t bad. I learnt something new. As the quote on my blog says “Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.”
  At 2/27/2006 03:19:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Good news..
Thank you :)