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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
**Yesterday was my third time to the book fair, and I guess I haven’t even checked half of it. I can’t resist buying books, whatever kind. I feel that each and every book will have something new to add. My usual confusion, which of these books to buy? And the answer comes without me thinking, I just find my hands going towards crafts books. Be it paper cards, knitting, crochet, cross stitching, and more. I can’t have enough of them. Without realizing what I did I discovered that I ran out of money! No problem, the important thing is I’m happy.

Going back home, I can’t sleep without going through all the books I’ve bought. The shock of having an empty pocket vanished, and I felt I’m very lucky to have these books. But the feeling of wanting more still exist, though I have things from last year that I didn’t read.

**Since the start of this week, and all have been talking about the mystery of the missing tickets :D people can’t find any tickets for the coming football match between Egypt and Congo. Was planning to go, but for my misfortune the tickets disappeared. Well, they are in the black market, but I’m not gonna buy them from there, and I hope that no one will buy them from there, I guess that’s the only way for fighting it.

**I’ve taken today and tomorrow off work to spend sometime with my family. Finally we will all travel together. In couple of hours we will be heading to Alex. I’m really enthusiastic about these two days.

Belated Happy Hijri new year :)
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  At 2/01/2006 11:01:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
Very happy trip to Alex, enjoy your time :-)
  At 2/05/2006 04:29:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Hope you had some good time with your family ya moon...btw...mafeesh photos w Alex related posts :))??
Heyyyyy ... you were in Alex w ana ma3rafsh ?!?!?! Hope you enjoyed yourself !!! Next time maybe I can show you around ;-)
Someone, Thank you.

Nerro, thank God it was a good relaxing trip. Unfortunately, no Alex photos as we forgot to charge the camera, and there was problem with electricity were we stayed, so there were no photos :(
As for Alex posts, when it comes to Alex I have a lot to say, but may be sometime later. Not in the mood these days.

Me, Thank you, it would have been really nice. Will be telling you next time isA :)) this time it was kinda of a family vacation, didn't want us to get separated, was in a need to enjoy a family atmosphere.