Enthusiasm Vs. Hesitation

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

**Ever felt a huge enthusiasm deep inside you, but you are too hesitant where should you direct it?!!

I guess that’s how I’m feeling. Have been filling myself, or have been filled with a lot of motivation. The only problem is it’s undirected!

Well, I guess it’s directed, but towards two different things, I’m afraid to say contradicting ways.

One way is my career development, loving my work, and excelling in it, not just doing it. The other way is fulfilling my dream, and having that small project of my own. Each has it’s pros and cons, each I’m very enthusiastic about it. Don’t want one of them to get a higher priority than the other, nor do I want to take wrong decisions.

My father of course is against my small dream, and the stubborn me might just go for it for the sake of stubbornness and nothing more. That’s a probability.

**Couple of days ago, a flower exhibition was opened, visited it the second day it was opened, but only had a very quick tour for they were closing. Today, wanted to go again, after going round and round to be able to enter since it’s the book fair and they are complicating the entrance of people, I finally managed to get in. Unfortunately, I found them removing the flower exhibition stuff and closing it today, though I read in the newspaper that it’s till Thursday, that's the result of depending on misleading information. Anyways, was very disappointed, because I was waiting for that exhibition for a long time.

Thought, I should make use of the opportunity, and check part of the book fair. To my misfortune they were closing as well. I wonder why do they close that early?!

Going home, was driving through Salah Salem to be surprised that it’s very clean, policemen everywhere, no traffic jam.. it was perfect. But guess why is that? Simply because some of the African teams were arriving today for the Soccer African Cup. I wonder if they have the ability to prevent traffic jam, and ease things for people, why don’t they do that everyday?!!
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Hey Moon,
Why are u being hesitant?
Why don't u do both of ur dreams?
(why don’t they do that everyday?!!)

Welcome to Wonders Land(Previously called Egypt)!!
Moon, I agree with Rain, you should try both! The answer is: MULTITASKING :) So good luck!

As for the traffic jam solution, this happens everywhere...important events and important people make miracles happen!
I'm with the girls :)
Moon, Pursue your dream, while still clinging to the reality. There is no contradiction there. It's great you have been motivated about your career, so keep up the enthusiasm.
Maybe ya rain her dream needs a full-time devotion. I guess you are the only one who can decide your priorities and I can only wish you good luck.

As for the flower exhibition, ma3lish, at least you got a lovely virtual tulip for your blog:)
Multitasking doesn't always work.. especially with me. Sometimes I feel I need complete dedication to whatever the thing I'm doing, and feeling that something else is getting in my way sometimes irritates me. It gives me the feeling that my effort is scattered on many things, and as a result nothing gets well done.

Despite all that, I guess the only solution in my current situation is multitasking :D till I manage and prioterize one over the other.