Celebrating my birthday twice a year :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
A good thing is to celebrate your birthday twice. And a good thing to be surprised that it’s your birthday!

Had an iftar outing today with my friends, and they surprised me celebrating my birthday! My hijri birthday.

Yes, I was born on the 23rd of June, and the 23rd of Ramadan.

I liked the surprise. Getting an unexpected present is always fun, especially if it’s something I wanted. It is a novel called Zaat by Sonallah Ibrahim.

My dear friends, I’m really thankful :) you made my day, and caused a complete change of mood which I needed badly. Thank you.
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thats one of the sweetest things i've ever heard!
happy Hijri birthday moon :)
Isn't it :)

Thanks Charismatic.
That's very unique idea ,I will try to know what were my Hijri birthday is.
Hope you enjoy the novel ,is it Arabic or the english version?
Sorry forgot to say Happy hijri birthday!
Happy hijri birthday, Moon. Care to explain more about this? I really don't know much about it. :)
Happy birthday. This sounds cool.

Zaat is a great book, btw. Hope you dont come and say that you are like her. However, I think she is an angry, sarcastic, silent complainer just like you.

happy birthday moon
NightLegend, if you want to know your hijri birthday check that link for date conversions, though Hijri calendar software can’t be 100% reliable. As for Zaat, it's the English version. Do you think it might miss something cause it's translated?

Kayla, sure I care to explain more about this.
The Hijri (Islamic) Calendar, is based purely on lunar cycles, was first introduced in 638 C.E. by the close companion of the Prophet and the second Caliph, `Umar ibn Al-KHaTTab. He did it in an attempt to rationalize the various, at times conflicting, dating systems used during his time. `Umar consulted with his advisors on the starting date of the new Muslim chronology. It was finally agreed that the most appropriate reference point for the Islamic calendar was the Hijrah. The Hijrah, which chronicles the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Makkah to Madinah in September 622 C.E., is the central historical event of early Islam. It led to the foundation of the first Muslim city-state. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Hijri calender. You can find more about it on this link .

Haal, you made me curious to know if I’m like her or not, will be reading and writing my feedback soon. Do I really sound like an angry, sarcastic, silent complainer?! Why is that?!

SaudiEve, thank you :)
You do sound that to me, mixed greatly with a deep emotional spring. Interesting mix!