A whole new world to be discovered!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
My second and third days are over.. I could say things are getting better each day. However, yesterday was better than today.

Today was really tiring, met a lot of people, and heard a lot from them. I need to understand how is everything going around. Things are very complex, and new for me. I don’t know how long should it take me to get involved in all the business processes and understand them well.

Real life is totally different from the image I had in mind. Things are not as strict as I thought it should be. User needs are endless. All people try to throw the responsibility on others. Things are not organized, etc…

I guess I did something today that my boss got upset from, but I didn’t mean it!

I’m the kind of a person who follows rules, I like to see them very clear. To know what should I do, and what shouldn’t I do. Even if I don’t like the rules. But seems this is not the case, things are vague, and I get confused.

Today, I was sitting with a consultant for the company, he was talking in the phone to a colleague of mine. He told him you should get cured of this illness called “Perfectionism”!

I was astonished to hear that! Instead of telling him that he should do the job as perfect as he could, he told him get cured of perfectionism!

He has his reasons, which I completely understand, it’s the endless requirements of users who don’t get satisfied by anything.

I want to prove myself, so that my boss writes a good report about me. But still, I don’t want to give up everything for the sake of work. I have a certain working hours which I don’t like working more than them, but I have to stay, not coz I have work, just to give that hint to my boss “Here I am staying after my working hours”. I don’t know should I do this or not. Plus, I’ve got many things to learn, should I be researching at home, or I shouldn’t think of any work related stuff outside work?!!

A new world that I’ll be discovering.
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oh moonlight, you bring back memories, the first few days at work :)

dont worry you'll soon get the hang of things, but one advice, dont make it a rule to stay late, only do if you have work that is very important, other than that dont, otheriwse when you dont stay late, you'll find people saying "oh! you're leaving early today"!!!

you should be ok, you seem very smart to me ;)
  At 9/28/2005 01:57:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Bossy, at the very begining you will find that you have to work a lot, and be there even after working hours, do a lot of work related stuff at home, but after a while, this will look like a real nightmare. Still you have to do some balance, don't over-work yourself, and don't stick only the regular working hours, usually they don't do, and in some instances, you will find it essential to stay. One more thing, if you have nothing to do, don't stay, this won't make you any good...you are there when you have work, otherwise you are gone. Good luck sweety
Do I seem that smart ya Charismatic?! e7m, e7m.. never knew it shows on me ;)

I agree with you Nerro, staying there will make me no good, and there is no reason for me to stay after my working hours, except if there is really a load of work. Afterall, I'm still learning.