A concert by Omar Khayrat

Monday, September 12, 2005
Attended a concert for Omar Khayrat at the cultural wheel tonight. Can’t describe how wonderful it was. I didn’t expect it to be that nice, or you could say I didn’t expect me to enjoy it to that level, or to feel the music. Everything was really great. I liked the Nahr hall, there is something about it that attracted me.

That would be from the very few times that I go buy a ticket to attend a concert. Most of the time, I’m either invited, or it comes by coincidence that I’m in a place where a concert is being held.

I liked the whole atmosphere. Diverse types of people, young and old, with different backgrounds who happened to be their in that place. All came to enjoy listening to some good inspiring music.

I even enjoyed watching every single member of the band while they were playing. You could feel their passion for the music, how they are interacting with their instrument. Their facial expression was amazing, I enjoyed watching them.

A very unique combination of artists, each of them is a star on his own. Imagine when they are all together playing one piece of music. It wouldn’t have been such a good concert if it weren’t for every single one of them. They really reflected what a team is.

Two of the best instruments I enjoyed was the Nay and the Harb. Well, I enjoyed all of the instruments as a matter of fact. But the Nay specifically touched something inside me.

The funny thing was, me and my brother who was with me, had a similar thought at the same time. We both thought that it would be marvelous if such a concert is held in the mountains. Weird us :D

And still, the small strange world theory is being proved day after the other. After I came back home, I knew that a friend was there, and most probably we ran into each other without us knowing :)
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  At 9/12/2005 09:04:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Khairat concerts are amazing...and yes the harmony between the musicians makes u feel at ease while listening...I attended the one before this it was at el nahr hall bardo, "open air adds up to the mood big time"...and I loved it...it is just not the type of thing that can be done more than once a year!
I think the Nay affected u the most , cause it's one of the saddest musical insturments..it can move you to the edge of crying.....still I don't understand how !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The whole music effect is really mysterious....I can't explain it.
I wish I were there.
Thanks I enjoyed the music :)