For a change, what I see good in myself

Sunday, September 11, 2005
What I see good in myself, for a change as been asked by Mohamed.

Here is what I think, don’t know if this will add value to me doing a certain job or not, but I’m just trying to think positive of myself on the general scale.

I’m honest, I never cheat, I accept all points of views even if contradicting with mine. I listen, think then make a decision. I respect other people and I don’t jump into conclusions and assumptions as long as I don’t have enough information. I’d say that I’m a good observer and analyzer. I don’t accept low quality work, though sometimes it happens and I accept it. I’m good at planning and organizing. A hard worker, only if I like that work. Sometimes, I’m creative, it depends on the field, if it’s related to handcrafts and needle work, I guess I’m good in that.

I guess that’s more than enough.
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Now keep thinking about those things, and come up with more as you go, mapping them to jobs you wanna take or so, thinking of how you can add value to them. Then get into new endeavors and discover yourself more.
I'm glad u r finally able to love your good self...and the conflict between the "I","Me" and "Myself" won't drift u from realizing they're all the same person.
Don't let one of them put u down ;)
it is good that you know your talents moonlight ,

I second mohamed , go into areas where your talents can be developed because you will be liking it the most ,
it makes alot of difference and It will ISA in your life when you do the things that you like and not out of duty .

Good Luck !