Another busy day

Sunday, September 11, 2005
Have been jumping from one place to the other like a bee. I barely can open my eyes now.

Went to college at 10 to finish my papers, finished at 1:30. Then, headed to the cultural wheel to check the Linux Install festival. Was planning to take my machine with me to have Linux installed, but I didn’t. I thought I’ll see it installed, and I’ll do it on my own at home. I reached there at about 2, and I had to go at 2:45. So, I didn’t see a complete installation, but I’m happy I went, at least I had a couple of questions that were answered. Plus, I saw a number of bloggers and faculty colleagues, whom only know their faces.

Left at 2:45, because I had a session at the AUC for an IT conference there. Seemed there was something strange at the Tahrir Square. I kept going in circles for almost 20 minuets.

I had a nice time at the session. Finished at 7. Then waited for a friend to finish a meeting, then we headed home together. On the way, we decided to go out have dinner with a third friend. We passed by her and went to eat. I was very hungry, I didn’t eat except some snacks from the morning and it was approaching 9.

Actually that was the best thing in the whole day. It has been ages since the three of us went out together just for the sake of going out together. Having that chitchatting together. I really miss that.
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