Is there still hope?!

Sunday, September 18, 2005
Yesterday I was reading Mohamed’s post, and the thing that I had in mind, this country still has good people, there is still hope. Plus, I’ve always believed that it’s people who make a place, and it’s not the other way round. I’ve always had that sense of belonging to Egypt, with no reason. Couple of posts that I read on Mohamed’s blog somehow gave me reasons for that feeling of belonging.

That was the final thought I had before sleeping, and that was the thing I kept on thinking about till I fell asleep.

Today, I went to drop my brother at his college. It’s first day for him, and being a caring sister I thought I’d drive him there since I’ve got nothing to do. After dropping him there, I thought I’d go to my college to have something done there. While driving, I had to pass through the Abbassia square.

That Abbassia square is full of buses, minibuses and microbuses with drivers who know nothing about driving. I happened to be located between a bus and a minibus waiting for the traffic light. We were in a position that I must go first before any of the buses, else they will crash into the car. That seemed to me very obvious. But seems it’s not the same methodology of thinking that this bus driver thought with. As soon as we were allowed to move, I found that bus crashing into the car. I kept honking the horn may be this will pay his attention to what is going on, but seems he had ear plugs or something of the sort.

I was extremely shocked at what happened. I just couldn’t believe it. After we passed that traffic light, we stopped again coz it was very crowded. Deep inside I was boiling from what that driver did to the car. I stopped the car, went down to check what damage did he cause. It was damaged, yet it’s not that big one, but still it got on my nerves. At that moment I reached the peak of being nervous and went on shouting and yelling at the bus driver. I didn’t know why was I doing this, I didn’t want money, nor did I wanted him to repair it, but I just felt I’ll burst if I didn’t shout at him.

Well, people who know me won’t imagine I can go on shouting in the street. But this happens when I’m really irritated, and I feel that someone is taking my right. I never let go of my rights.

Well, I continued shouting, till a security guard came and asked what’s wrong, then asked the bus driver to come down. He was in complete denial for the thing, as if it wasn’t him who caused it. Later, two police officers joined, and they asked again for what happened, they kept telling me there is no damage in the bus, and so on. Come on, a bus beside a car, what damage would a car cause a bus?!!!

Anyways, we kept in that story for sometime, and people kept saying it’s a small thing, go do it 3and ay samkary!! Come on people, it’s not an idea of how huge the damage is. It’s about a concept, it’s about doing something wrong, it’s about not being punished for the wrong he did. The damage is there, no way I can return back things as they were. But seems I was talking a different language than the one they understand!

Finally, the police officer asked me what do I want, he asked “Do you want to make ma7dar” I said yes, I’ll do a ma7dar. But, people kept telling me you will take nothing, and I’ve witnessed that in a car accident before, and I knew a ma7dar has no meaning. So I just said all that I had inside, and left!!

On my way home, I really couldn’t believe it. The whole thing was strange. Starting from the crash till my shouting in the street. I felt pity for myself. I hate injustice. I hate people to take my right. I hate dishonesty. I hate it when you have to take your right bel dera3. At that moment, I hated the country, I hated the people, I hated the passive attitude that is common between Egyptians.

It’s not only about that incident that happened to me. I know it’s nothing to many other things that happen in our beloved country. It’s a culture of carelessness, recklessness, and stupidity. People know they won’t be punished for whatever they do, so, they don’t care.

It was only then, when I felt no way this country would change. I used to blame people who leave their country and live somewhere else, but now, I’m sure they are right. No hope in this country.
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when I started blogging a week ago for the first time, I felt that it is something nice for killing time. However, it turned out to be totally different. Every time I reads a blog, I feel so bitter and depressed. Like you said, No hope in this country, it is going to the nowhere. The country is never the LAND, it is the people. I feel as if the Egyptians are doing their best to annoy one another.

The only problem is that our sense of belonging prevents us from hating Egypt.
I realy felt what you mentioned, been 2 some somehow similar situations b4..

But I never hated the country.. been outrageous..yes, shouted like hell yes.. but I never hated it.. coz come on, if WE hated it.. who would ever change it?!

May be u can visit us here, these r ppl who try somehow 2 look at the full half.. may be we can change ur prespective just a little bit ;)
Yes, there is no hope. Give it up. No hope.
who ever said "no hope' apart from sa3d basha
there is always hope since we are still breathing..

may b in the whole country it is going rotten.. but between you and yourself.. between you and your families.. you and your friends.. try to make it a better place at least for your ownself..
and quit such distracting thoughts...

don't you like ur life itself?!
ya moon mat2ooleesh kida. don't let something small like this bother you so. i know abbasia square all too well, i work very close, and the bus drivers there are really something out of this world. I try to avoid it as much as possible, and if i have to go, i am like saying my prayers under my breath :ya rabb sallem!

i know the officer irritated you, but this is how they feel: everyone sympathizes with him because they think: he is ghalban, he can't afford the bahadala, while you , owning a car, are already too lucky. there was once this incident where i was standing in a traffic light (plz note :STANDING) and this guy with a bike came quickly from behind, couldn't brake, and slammed in my car rear. he was knocked over and got injured. (TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT OF COURSE), but the poeple were like : ya Haram, howwa ya3ny 3ashan you have a car!!!

bas matez3aleesh awy kida min masr. i say this to everyone who wants to leave, if things are bad, and everyone who is a bit good leaves, who would be left? who would build the country? masr feeha 7agat 7elwa Wallahi, and every country has its mishaps bardo.