Why do I blog?!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
When first I started that blog, I had no idea what am I gonna be doing with it. Even the idea of blogging was vague for me. I only heard about it from a couple of friends. And I thought why not have my own blog as well.

Things developed a little bit, my blog became something important in my life. Actually it’s the whole blogging thing, whether, reading other blogs, commenting or writing on mine. Day after the other, blogging started consuming most of my time. Though I never had an idea why am I blogging.

It was recently when I discovered that inner urge for me to write on my blog.

Have you ever had that exciting thing that happens to you in work, street, with family, friends, etc.. It might be a very good experience or a bad one. It might be a good news or a bad one. It might be something you came across, you heard, new people you met. A T.V show you watched, or a radio show you listened to. A movie, or a song. A good book, a nice quote, some words written here or there.

Whenever any of these things happens don’t you feel the need to share it with someone. Whether with close friends or not, but it’s the need to share your life, or things you go through.

I’m that kind of a person. I got affected easily by any little thing that I come across, and I like sharing it with close people to me, on one condition, they should appreciate it and, even if it’s a trivial thought.

I guess that’s the main reason for me to blog. The need to share my thoughts, to talk, to express myself. Without feeling that I’m putting a load on someone, and without expecting a lot from my busy friends.

I love it when I go on writing what happened during my day, whether good or bad. A friend of mine named a blog a good name, she said your blog is your best friend. I guess it’s very true!
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ya moon.. the blog is my best friend..
thats mainly why i opened my 6th blog today :S
but i feel, at least, blogs won't ever stabe me at the back as friends do..