How ironic!

Friday, September 09, 2005
It’s ironic that it’s you are the only one who doesn’t know the value of your own self!

In that interview I had that other day, the lady told me that the previous interviewers wrote a very good report about me. She kinda told me that they say I’m an excellent candidate!

I was really surprised to hear that from her! Or even know that the previous interviewers wrote that about me! I wondered, they are saying that and I’m not good with words, what if I was good with words!!

Yesterday, was my fifth interview for a certain company. The interviewer told me almost the same. Passing the previous four interviews signifies that I’m excellent!

OMG, am I that good and I don’t know?!! I really feel there is something wrong. What is it that they see in me that I don’t see?!!

Though I’m happy to hear that, but still this means that a lot of pressure is put on me to prove that I’m that good person they think I am! I don’t like to be given a value more than I am. Definitely there is something these people don’t see!

So, now, I’m having two offers. Each is a totally different career, and I’m really confused. I like both. If I am to make my decision on logical thinking only, then I’d chose one of them, but if my feelings are to interfere, then I’d choose the other. Totally lost!
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Do you really think you're no good! That's a little unfair, don't you think? No one is no good, everyone has their own assets, just sometimes not capitalized on well enough.

You should dedicate a post to talk about what you see good in yourself for a change. Forget about what the interviewers think of you, if you take one of these jobs, how will you --with your skills and abilities-- be able to add value to that job and make it different than if anyone else takes it instead of you? Think of that for a while, and let us know --if you care to share.
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Well Mohamed, let me make my self more clear. I believe that everyone has his/her own assets. That’s for sure. My little problem is knowing my real assets. The things that I’m really excellent in doing. Knowing this will help me give more and be good in whatever I’m doing. To be fair enough to myself, I might see good things in her. But, I might be a little bit worried that I won’t be up to other people’s expectations. My tendency to be perfect in everything is what worries me.

People keep telling me that I will learn and they are expecting that you are a fresh graduate etc.. but deep within myself I’m worried. I don’t know exactly what is that I’m worrying about. May be my dislike to commitment, or my fear of losing interest in it, or may be that I’m not that good for the job. Many possibilities.

I don’t want to risk and hear someone telling me your are not good. I won’t be happy hearing that.

I’ll consider your recommendation ya Mohamed, and will be writing that post soon.
Don't commit to a job, and if you lose interest change jobs, but you gotta start trying. There's alot to learn still. Don't worry that much about people's expectations, you'd be surprised how well you can do. You're too frightened to take any action, don't you see that!

You have to know what you're good at, and sometimes you have to try things out to to know.

Give that post a shot.
....And you will never know what you are good at without trying and trying really hard with one goal, to succeed, and you will. The trick is to know what 'success'you enjoy the most, and what 'failure' you enjoy the most also.
Follow logic. Take a piece of paper and write +s and -s of each one. Which one have more +s? It is really difficult for anyone els to see the things as you might see, particlarly when complete info is not available to any one but you. Come make a calculated and bold desision.
Mohamed, I was wondering why you deleted your second comment?! I don't mind it, but I'm just curious.
I just wanted to delete the second half of that comment actually. It was just irrelevant, how I do interviews and stuff.