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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Was having an interview, the first thing the receptionist told me while I was sitting there, you look pretty young. Well, yeah, I do. Though 10 years ago, people used to think that I’m older than I am. Is looking young considered a good thing?! I wonder.

Through the interview, the interviewer hinted on two things, my communication skills, and being shy. He asked “you are shy, aren’t you?”. Yes, that’s the truth, I’m shy. He told me that I should be more daring than I am. I agree to that as well.

Three things that I should admit, I look younger than I am, my communication skills are not that good, and I’m shy.

I can’t do anything about looking young, can I?

What about my communication skills, and being shy?! Well, I believe this could be enhanced by time, experience, and being exposed to different situations. That’s theoretically true. What I’ve experienced myself that they are not by anyway enhanced even by exposing myself to certain situations.

Didn’t I say I don’t like that me I am!
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  At 9/02/2005 02:45:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Ya benti you are so cool alsan...it is normal, most of us passed thru this stage..and u will do as well..believe me. This is normal for some girls begad.
1- Looking young is awesome, you will cherish this after a few good years...you don't have to think about this point aslan.

2-Communication skills can be enhanced thru conducted workshops or courses, honestly speaking, if you have any close friends with a background on this issue, they can help you via private courses aw 7aga...bas the workshops are much better...plus involve ur self in projects that requires team-work big time.

3-Shyness...is the hardest one, 3ashan if you spend like 1000 yrs to hide it..won't work, u can be daring, precise and to the point...bas it will show at one point or another. Just try not to be extremely shy...
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Well, communication skills are important. Not everyone shares the same idea what "communication skills" are though! Most businesses seem to think good communication skills = good social skills. People who get along with everyone else. That's a definite plus, but in my opinion (working in high tech fields) being able to express your ideas clearly and in a way that others understand is far more important. You can't brainstorm solutions to difficult problems while everyone is busy stroking eachother :)

I guess it depends on the field, though.

Shyness, in my opinion, is irrelevant for most jobs. Unless you are in sales/marketting... maybe management... it shouldn't really matter.

I agree - "looking young" is a big blessing! Everyone seems to want to look more mature til they are about 30, then they suddenly decide they want to look young! I don't know how anybody could think youthful looks is a bad thing, that's just silly :D
Yes you can, but you don't want to. Who does?!

Will you stop it?! U sound cool, nice, strong, agressive, confident, strongheaded, sarcastic, cynical, stubborn, determined, smart...etc inside yourself. your only problem is to bring these qualities that you like outside. That's it. Piece of cake.

You might be shy because 1)you know u have stuff inside you and want to hide it because you THINK might make the person infront of you uncomfortable, 2) because you are really sweet. You just maybe unable to balance the 2 sides of being SHY.
Bring your strength Outwards. I feel you are from the way you express yourself. COm'on, it is fun. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO WASA3 ya gada3, MOOOON coming....

Ya mama....brrrr

Begad, try it, it is fun.
Guys, I really appreciate your advices :)

Nerro, I’ve been to some sessions about communication skills, but they were only theoretical ones. I know the principles of good communication, but I guess a practical workshop would be better.

Craig, I guess my problem in communication is getting along with new people quickly. Add to it being shy.. things get complicated, and I don’t feel relaxed in any new environment.

Mohamed, yeah I don’t want to. It’s people who want me to look older :(
Today another one told me that I look young.. I guess they gotta live with it.

Haal, you really made me laugh my heart out :))

“your only problem is to bring these qualities that you like outside.”

Oopps.. how did you know?! I never told anyone about it :D

I’m amazed, you have got good analysis capabilities :)