Things that make me happy

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I liked that post by Doshar.. made me think of these things that make me happy.. here they go..

-Buying flowers.. even if not for myself, but I like buying them, you can imagine how happy I feel when I’m given a flower.
-Hot chocolate, and a chocolate cake with ice cream.
-A phone call from a dear friend.
-Listening to any of my favorite songs.
-Listening to Radio Cairo.. especially Z-Tok and Late Night Cartoon show.
-Traveling to a new place.. I love traveling in all conditions.
-Attending any of the human development sessions.
-Joining a good discussion.
-Running into someone I know by coincidence.
-Working on a Ravensburger puzzle.. the best thing I’d like to do in my free time, and I like to receive puzzles as presents ;)
-Reading a good novel, or a book, but it shouldn’t be a boring one.
-Meeting new people is sometimes something I like.. it depends on my mood.
-Embroidery , needle work, cross stitching, and crochet. Any hand made work.

If I remember something else I’ll be adding it.

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tell me about radio my friend..
tell me about chocolate..
tell me about phone calls from friends
and tell me about a book to read!

moon.. and tell me more about enjoying reading a friend's blog every once in a while :)

:) hugs moon