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Monday, August 29, 2005
Yesterday, I wanted to eat roz b laban. I don’t like except that which my grandfather does, and that wasn’t available. Thought ok, I’ll do it myself. Called my grandfather, knew how it’s done. Prepared the ingredients, opened two cooking books to check validity of the steps. It took a very long time than supposed. But at the end it turned out to be a good tasty roz b laban :)

I really love it when I do something and it turns out to be good.

While standing in the kitchen, I remembered a funny incident from the project days.

We used to have meetings at my house. Once, a friend wanted to drink mint, and mum wasn’t there. I thought well, I’ll give it a try and do it myself. I started by looking for the mint. In the place I expected to find it, I found a jar containing green leaves, thought that’s the mint. Smelled it, but it didn’t smell like mint at all. I thought may be there is something wrong with my smelling.

After putting water on it, it still didn’t smell like mint at all. Rather, it smelled like grape leaves. I wondered why would mum do this to grape leaves and put it in that jar?!! May be someone fooled her and gave her that as mint!! Smelled it again, and it was way too far from mint, and it even looked weird.

I gave it to my friend, told her, I don’t know what that is, taste it and tell us. She backed my opinion, it tastes like grape leaves, another friend told me it looks like molo7’ya.. it was really funny. We laughed hysterically about it, and we kept guessing what would be that weird thing.

Finally, mum came. I asked her “mum, isn’t these leaves in the jar mint?” She replied, no it’s not. Why? What did you do with it? I told her the whole story, and finally I knew what was that.. it turned out to be green tea!!!!!!!!!!

LOL.. I’ll never forget that incident ever.

Moral of the story: Jars in the kitchen should be labeled :)
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so how about you share the recipe with us?

and btw labeling jars doesn't work so well, their function is bound to change without the label getting updated, have fun with the wrongly labeled spices.
  At 8/29/2005 08:17:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
You are so lucky....I am banned from cooking or even trying to do anything in the kitchen...Mum figured out eno I really shouldn't get inside our kitchen coz she is the one who suffers later :)) I had my trials though ;)
i was shoked to find that this strange tasted herbs turned to be green tea.Simply cause green tea is one of my favorite drinks so I couldn't imagine someone doesn't like its taste:)
anyway, I also like highly how ur blog looks like,,greatly organized and full of options.Can u tell me how can I improve mine since it's too plain??
Well written.
At your request Alaa, here is the recipe :)

1 cup of rice
1 kilo of milk
12 big spoons of sugar

Add some water to the rice and leave it boil.. l7d ma ystewy.
Then add the milk to the rice.. keep steering, add the vanilla.. till it boils and it gets thick, add the sugar and leave it to boil for a while.
Put in the bowls.
You could put cinnamon and nuts on the surface.
Nerro, my mum suffers as well, I cook, but never wash the dishes.. but she kinda accept that :D

Raghood, I know a lot of people who like green tea, but it tasted strange for me. I'm happy you like my blog.. tell me what is it that you want to add to your blog, and I could e-mail you the code.

Thank you Shirazi.
i want to add "quote" space at the margin cause im fond of quotes"seems like you".
also a part for stating the blogs i like as it will help the visitors of mine to go to them and read.and part like song of the day,,I like ur blog so much:the structure and also the content.It's so down to earth and human,reminding me of the writings based on stream of consciousness just state what comes to ur mind and that makes it simple and so appealing to readers.keep going i know i'll be a regular reader of this moon baby.
Thank you Raghood for your nice words. It’s my pleasure having you a regular reader :)

I can't put HTML code here in the comments section, send me your e-mail on my e-mail, and I'll send you the code parts you want.
I had a kitchen experience last night. But it was pasta with cheese and tomatoes souce...It was pretty good, but I won't cook again for a while! It's K's turn anyway! :)
Hey Kayla.. welcome on board again :)

Let's know how K's cooking will go ;)
Seems u already took my adivce & headed for the kitchen

Well.. rabena ywafa2ek...:PPPPP

Very, very nice choice of music btw..;)
Sure.. took ur advice ya Shex :D

I'm happy u like the music:)