Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Busy.. busy.. I’m really tired of that. For three months I haven't seen you except for once, and that one time wasn’t a normal one!

I try to understand and know that people might get busy, but to that extent, they can’t meet their friends!

It’s time when I need you more than ever. I wonder if we will have our intimate talks again. I know that’s normal, that’s life, nothing remains as is, but deep within my heart I really miss you.

I know I’m not supposed to get upset, it’s out of your hands, or that how it seems. But I’m sad.
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love enya!

Well, sounds like u didnt get to talk out what u have yet!!
If i were you, i'de have called Befrienders now to get this outa my system.
away from the advice part, you're going through what I do now.A closer person disappears under the same excuse:"BUSY". I wonder like you,can someone get too busy to care?!!.I doubt it but still can do nothing but accept the reality of that person's absence. A friend told me don't accept but being number one in someone's life,being number one contradicts with being too busy to care about me.Best thing,life doesn't freeze for the absence of a person,no matter how special he/she is.Get BUSIER than he/she is,find someone who're more caring to define a space for you that can never be marginalized by the "BUSY" Excuse.Above all,give your self the privilege of being sad,it's a normal reaction, take ur time and be open to listen when that friend comes back,listen before any decision.Don't kick them out now,just pause ur care for them and get BUSIER from them.
Haven’t talked what I have yet Haal! May be hesitant! May be there are no words!
Glad you like Enya :)

Raghood, it’s not a matter of getting busier. It’s a matter of being in need. Currently I’ve developed a lot than the person I used to be, depending on my close circle of dear people. I’m widening the circle, or you could say I’m enjoying myself without depending on the presence of a certain people in my life. But still this won’t change anything about my need for a certain person, only if she understands!
I guess if this person knows how much u miss....I don't think there could be anything more important than being with u.
only if the person knows!!!!