Input.. Processing.. Output

Friday, August 26, 2005
Fulfilling a certain activity means going through the three steps.. collecting the input.. performing the processing, then getting the targeted output.

Apply that to any activity, for example cooking.. first you have the raw material (Input).. you follow certain steps of cooking (Processing), then you get the final meal (Output). Same happens with a computer activity, a user enters the input.. certain processing happens, then you get the output.. and so forth.

Same happens with us, human beings. Throughout our life, we take Input, do some processing, which results in an output. Am I not clear?

Well, let’s assume you are in a discussion about a certain thing, each of the discussing parties has got a different point of view, on what basis did they build these points of views?! I believe it’s on the Input they’ve been receiving throughout their lives up till that moment. There was an Input, they did some processing on it, which resulted in their opinion, the output.

So.. what’s the point here?! My point is, if the same individuals in the same discussion had different Inputs throughout their lives.. would they have had same opinions?!
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