Last Night

Thursday, September 01, 2005
Went to bed at about 3 a.m., for a reason or the other I was very excited, felt I have extra energy for that timing of the day. Tried to sleep, but in vain. I had the feeling that I’m wasting my time by sleeping, and I’d rather do something else. Switched on the lights and thought of starting to read Jane Eyre which I bought sometime ago. I just went through a couple of pages, and felt the need to sleep.

I slept, and had a terrible nightmare. I don’t remember exactly what was it about, the only thing I can remember that someone died, and I waked up, cried, and went to sleep again. Weird!

Had a lot to do in the morning. I wrote my to do list, and started working on it. I didn’t fulfill much of what was written in it, but I feel good about myself.

Tomorrow is a full day as well. Wish things will go fine.
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