It was a fan!

Monday, August 29, 2005
It was kind of an interview to enter the school. I guess my parents where having a problem with that because I was below the age or something. The teacher asked me about the fan, she pointed to it and asked do you know what is that in English? I knew it was a fan. But I didn’t open my mouth with a single word. They kept trying with me, mum told me she will buy me a present if I said what it was, but my mouth wasn’t opened! And I didn’t enter that school.

Don’t know what reminded me of that!
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i remember my test was about the moneky and the tree

bas i replied.. w 7ata el teacher was amazed at my talkings :D
ma enti 3arfani ya moon..
It probably happened for a reason...Or at least I came to think like that about every thing I cannot understand in life. Most of the times, the reason is clear at some point. Maybe that school really wasn't good for you.