The art of asking questions!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
My fourth day is over, a bit better than the third one. Actually I had two problems yesterday which were peacefully solved today, and that’s what cheered me up. Day by day I’m getting used to the atmosphere, and I’m not counting the hours to leave as I did at the beginning.

However, seems there is A LOT to learn. I need to be very attentive, and acquire knowledge quickly, some kind of being a sponge to absorb every piece of information. That seems my current challenge. A hard one, but I guess I’ll be capable of doing it, though I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself. It’s only days that will unfold what will become of me.

I had two meetings today, the only role I did was listening, trying to get as much information as I can. But, this doesn’t mean that I understood everything. Of course, a lot was dropped in the middle. That has been always the case with me whenever I attend anything, a lecture, a session, presentation, a meeting, etc… I listen, I understand very few, but I catch up with things later.

My lack of understanding comes from not being able to formulate good questions to pin point the things I don’t understand. I call that the art of asking questions. Yes, it’s an art. How to say the question, when, how to convey the missing part, how to make it a good one, not a stupid one.

I’ve always wondered in lectures for example, why don’t I ask if I don’t understand?! The answer was very simple, I don’t know how to formulate a question to get the information and knowledge I need. That’s not good, especially in my career to be. My future career which I’m looking forward to is a business or system analyst, which means I should understand the user requirements very well, and know when and how to ask questions to get a clear image of their needs.

It’s a talent or an art that I need to acquire.
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