Academic Vs. Practical Career

Sunday, September 04, 2005
I have to make a decision, either go for a practical career, or dig my way through the academic career.

For people who knows what they want, they won’t find it difficult to decide, but for a person like me, who comes up with a new opinion everyday, it’s not such an easy decision. Plus I’m a perceiving character, which means I can see the pros and cons of everything, which makes it hard to be decisive.

When I was at college, going for an academic career wasn’t one of my options at all. Currently it is! And the funny thing is, it’s not only one of my options, but it’s the option I’m feeling comfortable with. I’ve never felt a passion for a career opportunity as much as I’m feeling for that academic one.

When I tried to analyze that, I found out that the academic career really goes with what I want to do in this life (as far as I know). Seeing the productivity of my work is very important to me. I can’t feel that I’ve done something that worth, except when I see the good results. I need to feel that I’m affecting the life of someone in a positive way. Teaching someone something gives me that feeling of satisfaction, it would be the happiest moments in my life.

But the question is, am I capable of doing that?! Do I have the qualities of a good instructor?! Am I capable of delivering the information?! If I’m in the position, will I be able to fulfill the things I want?! Or I’ll be another dumb instructor?! And am I willing to go for post graduate studies?!

On the other hand, as for the practical career, it will make me get in touch with real life, and get the experience of how things really work, rather than having the theoretical knowledge. Plus, some talk from people around, that my career is a good one, and I shouldn’t be giving it up. But I don’t feel that it’s going with my goals, my mission statement for life.

I just see things from the outside, I don’t know really how each one of these careers are going. I might have a complete different image than what’s happening in real life.
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