Is it becoming the norm these days?!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Is it becoming the norm these days to wake up each day to hear about that number of bombings everywhere in the world?!

I wonder where the world is heading to!!
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I noticed your comment on Doshar's blog about feeling some loss of connection to God? Is this anything like the "dark night of the soul" I've been talking about on my blog? Seems like most people maybe don't go through that, but I did.
I am really sorry for what happened, Moon! I wish this bugs called terrorists would suddenly disppear from the face of the Earth. But I doubt it will happen soon!
I keep wondering what is happening to the world.
i don't think it is the norm (yet) thank God, but sadly, it has indeed become very commom alomost normal in iraq and palestine. it is almost everyday!!

though common does not in any way mean normal. normal means something that is ok and everybody is ok with. i hope bombings and terror never becomes the norm.
Well, I hopefully wish it’s not the norm as well. Though, I feel it’s approaching that. May be it’s not here in Egypt. But it might be the norm in other places of the world like Iraq and Palestine. People watch the news and hear all these news about people killed and we think there is nothing new!!