Same thoughts over and over!

Friday, July 22, 2005

That post by Mohamed reminded me of my diary. I thought I’d check it. Amazingly, I discovered that I haven’t written there for a long while. Thought of skimming through things I previously wrote.

It’s always nice to do so. Analyze the way I used to be thinking back then, and see how I used to worry about many things that didn’t worth it.

The funny thing, I found that I’m repeating myself over and over. Same thoughts over and over, same resolutions and conclusions. Same list of things to improve. And barely any of these lists is achieved. Sounds disappointing!

That made me wonder, would I be the same person for the coming five years as well?! I’d like to think that it’s NO. There should be something to achieve in those five years. There should be a new me.

I’m looking forward to read that diary again five years later. Though I’m afraid I’ll find same things are said over and over.
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There are things that have to be said over and over.
I enjoy going through old diaries! Old problems and issues always look easier to deal with when they are already solved, don't they? About lists of things to do or to improve...Yeah, not much has changed! But maybe because there are a hundred things I'd want to do and today, if possible! :)
And you will surely be a bit different in five years! But you'll still be yourself.
Yeah.. problems look better when they are solved.. if only we know that they will be solved, life would have been much better.
Yeah, but if life were always easy and happy and joyfull, how could we learn to appreciate great moments?