I'm not happy

Thursday, April 02, 2009
"ana mesh mabsouta" da el sho3or elly mesh 3ayez yfar2ny el ayam di.. 7atta lama yb2a fi 7aga tebsetny, wa da naderan lama ye7sal, barga3 3ala toul l 7alet el ekte2ab elly mlazmany el youeen dool.. ba2eet sha7'seya ka2eeba gedan.. mesh tay2a nafsy.. wala el nas elly 7awalya.. walla sho3'ly.. wala ayy 7aga fi donia di..

Kol ma afakar.. 2ala2y eny mesh 2adra atakabl nafsy zayy ma heyya.. wala 3arfa a3'ayarha.. sa3ata 2a2ool ana zayy mana.. w mesh 3ayza at3'ayar.. w sa3at tanya 2a2ool la2.. ana lazem a3'ayar nafsy lel a7san.. bas te3bt.. 7'alas mesh 2adra.. mesh 3ayza 2ab2a a7san..

ana 7ata ell 7agat el kowayesa elly fi 7ayaty ba2t bday2ny mesh btbstny.. ana fakra kowayes youm el appraisal bta3y.. my manager 2aly kalam 7elwa gedan.. and I was exceeding his expectations.. bas ana youmha 7'aragt men el appraisal mesh tay2a nafsy.. w rawa7t tool el taree2 l7ad el el beit memaweta nafsy men el 3eyat.. mesh 3arfa sa3etha ana eih elly kan meza3lny.. momken ykoon elly za3lny eny 7aseet enaha mesh far2a m3aya.. ze3lt 3lshan 7aseet eny mesh mabsouta b 7aga el mafroud tfara7ny.. felt pitty for myself.. eza kan el 7aga el wa7eed elly mafrood tefara7ny mafara7tneesh.. eih b2a elly momken y7'aleeny mabsouta..

el mawdoo3 ba2a mo7ayer gedan.. sa3at ba7es eny 7atta ma3ndeesh kalam 2a2olo.. mesh 2adra atkalem w atala3 elly gowaya.. yemken 3lshan mafeesh 7aga gowaya.. aw yemken 3lshan elly gowaya keteeeeer awyy.. law tel3 ma3rfsh ta2sero 7aykoon eih 3alya.. bas el conclusion eny karha 7ayaty w mesh 3arfa a3'ayarha..
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  At 4/03/2009 07:54:00 AM Anonymous Amr said:
elly enti bt2olih da normal gedan gedan by the way.

ya moon light el s3ada wel 7ozn de masha3r, they really don't like to what is going on in you life, la klam modirik hysbib s3ada wala klam iy 7ad.

el s3ada wel 7ozn zay el go3, masha3r 27na mesh bnt7km fiha. siby nafsik tz3l w t3it w da 7a2ha. try to enjoy yourself, bas give yourself the right to be sad.

You can't make yourself happy becauser we are humans and not machines, bas momkn td3y rbna yorzo2ik el rida. This makes you calm whatever sad or happy.

May you get well isA, kman months ago 2olty m3aia laptop w hablog ktir fin el klam da, ymkn da d3watna 3aliky :)))))
  At 4/04/2009 05:39:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
I advice you to look to the ppl who are less than you to feel grateful for what you have...
I know that no one has everything , but at least appreciate and count your blessings ...
You definitely need the change ..perhaps the career is not right for you?
  At 6/06/2009 12:48:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
There're two parts in you post. One of them is your unability to change, we all have this problem due to war between two parts in our minds, one is pushing us to change (Dynamic), and the other wants us to feel safe (regular). Coz of this, some people lose weight and gain it again, play sports and stop.
I think the cure for this is GRADUAL CHANGE, don't make radical changes in your life, all of a sudden, the regular part will force you to come back to original status.
The second part related to hapiness, don't link happiness to outer factors or hapennings, it must come from in side, be the change you want to see in the world, smile in face of people you meet, when you say good morning "mean it" faithfully.
do some charity activities, go visit orphans, give them hand, spend sometime with them, and you'll feel greatness of giving.
Leave yesterday take care of itself, live the moment with all what it has, expect the best to come.
Give love faithfully and be sure you'll get it back.....

Wishing you the best.

A Friend.