Dropping some lines..

Sunday, February 15, 2009
I need to go back on diet again :'( I guess that's the 10th time I say this.. bas 7a3mel eih.. seems I'll live my whole life dreaming of losing those extra kilos..

I'm tired of work.. sometimes I feel I don't wanna go.. simply, I don't feel like working today.. bas lel asaf.. things doesn't work that way..

I'm not enjoying anything anymore.. not even outings, trips, shopping, nothing at all..

I'm going in circles again, and I'm hating it..

Back again into a new crush.. when will I ever stop this?!!!

I need to put an action plan for my life.. days are just running away from my hands..

I need to accept myself as is.. stop trying to be someone else.. just accept me as is..
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