My week end

Saturday, March 25, 2006
Went to the spring flower exhibitions at El Orman park.
Bought a new pink roses tree. I’ve decided to be the one in charge of our small garden. It was my grandfather who used to take care of it, but he is no longer capable of doing this. I’ve decided to handle this job. I know nothing about gardening and plants, but I’ll learn. I hope to make a good job.

Celebrating my first 6 months of work.
Our usual family gathering at my grandparents, where my cousin started giving me the ABCs of playing a guitar. Was very happy.. and I guess I’ll go for having guitar classes. I just hope no one will oppose my decision.
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Congratulations ,3o2bal when you celebrate your first CEO position!
Hey Moon, being in contact with nature elements and deal with its beauty is wonderful and u will learn all about gardening if u like it. my grand mother used to take care of her garden and when she moved into an apartment she made a beautiful mini garden in her balcony.
As for ur job, congratulations for the first six months :) hope it's gonna be rewarding isA and hope u enjoy it too dear.
Good luck with the guitar classes.