Do we know what makes us happy?!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Since I started work about 6 months ago, I had my plans to go work walking. It’s very near, about 15 minutes of walking, and it takes about 3 minutes by car.

There was a main reason for me delaying that plan up till now. I’m incapable of waking up early. Tried a lot, but the result is always postponing till it’s 8, and I should be at work by 8:30. This 30 minutes is barely enough to take a quick shower, think what will I wear, put on my clothes and hurry downstairs to try and be at work by 8:45.

If I managed to wake up by 7:15, that will be more than enough for me to carry out my plans. However, I was never able to do that. 7:15 is postponed to 7:30 then to 7:45 till it’s 8.

I’m really tired of that every morning struggle. The funny thing, I never lose hope. For continuous 6 months!!

Tried every possible way to make myself get up early. Tried sleeping early, tried waking up two hours earlier, tried giving myself something to do early in the morning to make it a must for me to wake up. Nothing worked out. When it comes to sleeping, it’s my first priority, even if I have other important stuff.

Starting this week, I had very urgent stuff at work that I should finish as early as possible, delaying it didn’t make me feel good about myself. I decided that I should go at least half an hour earlier if not an hour.

First day, I was planning to wake up at 7, postponed it to 7:15, but relatively that was still early. Doing that for once, made me feel the bliss of waking up early. First of all, I wasn’t in a hurry, did everything relaxed. Had my time to think, wasn’t in a hurry on the stairs. It made me feel relaxed.

Today, I did the same, woke up at 7:20, and went to work about 8:10. Was very happy. I’m at work in time, I’m not pressured because I’m late, I was not in a hurry.

These two days made me realize something. Sometimes we don’t know what would make us happy. We think doing or having certain things is what will bring us happiness, but they don’t. That was definitely the case, I thought that 15 or 30 minutes more sleep will make me happy or will satisfy me. But, on the contrary, it turned out that giving up those few minutes of sleeping made me more happy.

Thinking about it more. I realized that I’ve never knew how to make myself happy. May be sometimes I manage to, however, the general case is I don’t know how. I imagine that doing or having certain things will make me happy, but actually they don’t.

I still I wonder, would I ever know how to make myself happy.
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Remember that quote I posted? Happiness is a journey - not a destination. It's a continuous learning process, finding out what will make you happy at a particular moment.

I think you made progress with the waking up early thing. Keep it up.:)
for me satisfaction comes from within, so I can satisfy myself but happiness has to involve an external factor. (being in a nice place, nice weather, nice company, nice gesture )
So it's an achievement u made yourself happy, hope I can do the same... :)
  At 4/05/2006 04:07:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
"A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires" this is a quote from Coelho's fifth mountain...and u have no idea how much I cherish it... "be happy for no reason"...of course there are times u would feel down...but vent shwaya...then khalas...move on. you know what I like about you ya strive to be happy...even when u post things about your bad mood swings and stuff...I feel it is an attempt to find happiness...not so many people can do that. And unlike MIB said that happiness has to involve an external factor...I don't think external factor would add up...but it comes from within...way to go girl :D
  At 4/05/2006 04:48:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
check this out:
Loulou, totally agree with the quote. What makes me happy today, might not make me happy tomorrow. That's very true.
I'm trying my best to keep up with that progress of waking up as much as I can. It's really making a difference.

MIB, I think that satisfaction leads to happiness, external factors might add to that happiness, but still, I believe happiness comes from within, from feeling peace inside.
Wish you could make yourself happy as well.. just look for that small things that you feel you need, and trust me, fulfilling these needs makes a difference.

Nerro, I love the quote.
You know, I'm glad to know that you think I'm striving to be happy, because sometimes, I feel I'm so dull. Some people think I'm a fighter, I used to think I'm not, but I realized that I never rest except when I have what I want. That's a good thing to know about myself :D
BTW, thanks a million for your post, an amazing picture from a wonderful person :)
you know ya moon, I am going through the same phase, "over-sleeping, then depressed for not being able to do things as planed". I tried to get up early and I felt the same way as you felt, but shortly after that "reg3et rima le3adetha el adima" ... oversleeping then depressed.

I guess, I can't make myself happy too. Everyday I promise myself with a revolution on myself but I think I am too lazy fr it:)
Nah.. when it comest to lazy people, I'm the first :D

I knew sooner or later bardo 'Rima 7aterga3 l 3adetha el adima', but I'm willing to get over that.. and for me, I guess a progress of a whole week is smth I achieved :D

Whenever Rima returns to her old habits, remind her how happy she felt when she overcomed those habits.