Hunting for the Moon Shadow

Thursday, March 30, 2006
Tuesday 28th of March at 7 P.M. we started our trip of about 700 K.M. to Saloum hunting for the Moon Shadow, known as Solar eclipse.

A day before that, Monday, it rained heavily here in Cairo, and heard that it was the same in Saloum. Was very disappointed. Was afraid the weather conditions won’t allow us to see it. But you know what, the weather was just perfect.

Reached Saloum at about 7:30 A.M. where we had to park our cars a distance far from the place we were supposed to be for watching the eclipse. Then we took a bus from the cars park to that place prepared by the Saloum governorate for us to watch.

Sleeping was the first thing people thought of.. LOL.. especially those who were driving. I didn’t sleep, since I almost was sleeping all the way. I just sat there enjoying the beauty of the place. It was my first time to Saloum, a very nice place The weather was very nice, and the sea looked beautiful. I needed nothing more. Sallum

After people had their nap, they started preparing their cameras. People who didn’t have specific lenses and filters for shooting the eclipse kept coming out with inventions to filter the sun rays and be able to have a good shot. It was fun watching them :D Preparing the camera

The eclipse started at about 11:25 P.M. when the Moon started coming in slowly hiding part of the sun bit by bit. At about 12:20 it started to get colder, when the sun was like a crescent. The total eclipse was at about 12:30, it suddenly got dark, it looked beautiful. Everything around was just amazing, the sea, as if it was sunset, looking further, you will notice that there is that line after which there is light. Was hoping to see stars, but I didn’t. The only thing I saw was a satellite, which people thought it was a star. total solar eclipse
at the moment of eclipse
It lasted for about two minutes or may be less, when it suddenly lighted again. Really it’s an amazing feeling to witness. It deserves hunting for it all that way. Some say, seeing it for once, will make you follow it wherever it is. Do you think that’s true?! Only days will prove it ;)

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Wow Moon! You were actually there!! It must've been a breath taking experience! Sub7an Allah ... how God shows us that He is capable of anything and everything...
ya ba.7tek ya moon, it seems like a wonderful adventure to me:)
I heard that every fort night of a solar eclips, there somes a moon eclips '7osof. So count 14 days from last wednesday:)
  At 4/01/2006 08:51:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Glad you made it ya Moon :D the photos are cool, bet u had a blast.
You were there!
But again, I wouldn't have recognised you unless introduced. We've never met, have we?
Me, Wonderer, and Nerro, definitely it was such a wonderful unforgettable experience, and it deserved the effort. When I tell some people about it, they think it doesn't deserve to go to Saloum for 24 hours. But for me, it deserves it.

Wonderer, thank you for the information. Didn't know about it before.

Nerro, yeah, my struggle ended up by me going :D I'm glad I made it. Glad you like the photos.

Alif, yes we've met before, it was in the Citadel Ramadan iftar. However, I don't think you would recognize me.
Thought of introducing myself there, but I didn't. May be next time.
  At 4/03/2006 01:42:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Nice stuff

I wish I had the chance to be there :(