Another day to remember :)

Sunday, March 19, 2006
As I attended ACES’s opening, I wished to attend the closing, and I did.

It was in el 3’oryya.. a nice place.. but most important, it was a nice company.. I know some of them, but I don’t know the majority. However, it felt as if I know every single person of them.. I was happy to see that happiness in their eyes. Was stuck with words.. was very proud, excited, happy, grateful.. don’t know what exactly. But these people really made a difference. It’s not in my life, nor in my brother’s, it’s bigger than that. They are paving a new road.. they are planting a new plant.. they are putting the basic bricks.. they are dreaming, not only for themselves, but for others. For their colleagues, their faculty, their community, their country. They didn’t stop at dreaming, but they took it their responsibility to turn that dream into reality. As one of them said today, ACES is a dream, but it’s not a one person’s dream, what gave it that power that it’s a group’s dream. A group of people who dreamt together, believed in their selves and their capabilities.

No matter how long I write and describe, I can’t convey a tiny part of what these people did, how I felt, or the happiness I saw in their eyes. I saw cooperation, love, friendship, teamwork, responsibility… and more..

ACES.. though I wasn’t one of your team members, nor one of your participants, but these four letters means a lot to me. I was affected, I saw that there is nothing that is impossible, I saw how a dream could be turned to reality.

It is not an easy work.. they worked hard, faced obstacles that might have hindered them, but they were stronger than anything. They believed that they have a message to deliver to others, they are responsible for taking the hands of their colleagues to make them better, and they did.

ACES.. Thank you for making me believe that there is still hope.

Ramy, you are a good presenter ;)
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Hi moon,
1st of all , i do nhope u've enjoyed the closing ceremony ... I know it was all abt talking and talking, and blv me, no one understood all of the hidden parts {actually, most of u didn understand anythn @ all} but the ACEs members ...

Somehow, that was OUR night's the night a dream was finally coming not to an end .. but to a perfection ... Thank u so much for ur sweet words ..

BTW, i did do a lil' bit of the presentation myself, w7sh ana b2a ??:@:@ :P
  At 3/20/2006 08:44:00 PM Anonymous Ramy ElAzzazi said:
hi moon..
it was sweet to attend the closing even i didnt know that..

[ BTW, Ramy, you are a good presenter ;) ]

thank u :) kida ro7i el ma3naweia fel sama :D ::: i know kan fe showayet lakhbata but i think it passed besalam.. and isA the next ones in any other fields will be better..

LOL.. mesh me7sh wala 7aga ya Sheryos :D

You make a good presenter as well :D.. yalla wala tez3al :)

May be as you said the talking included hidden parts, however, I enjoyed every bit of it. I enjoyed sharing you your dream. Wished to be part of it, but I couldn't. So, I just enjoyed witnessing the dream from a distance.

Thank you all for your effort to make this dream come true.

Ramy, experience is the best teacher.. Each one of us has the capability to do many things, but it's exerience that teach us to do it well.

Wishing you the best in the coming ones :)