Monday, March 13, 2006
I started the day stressed, was having a task which I should have finished early in the morning, but I didn’t. It took me the whole day to finish it. Was going to be very depressed if I didn’t finish it today. I did finish it, but still not in a perfect way. I mean, it’s not that good, would loved to make it in a better way, but was very short in time. Still will show it to my manager tomorrow, I’m hoping he would like it.

Was planning to go for a Flute & Harp Recital at the Opera, but thanks to all the people I know, no one was encouraged to come, and my parents are still following that theory of “no going on your own”. Wanted badly to go.

This same scenario is happening quite often these days. I like to attend concerts, lectures, watch movies, attend exhibitions, workshops, whatever it is. But my parents are surrounding me that extra fear. They are making things hard for me by conditioning my going out by people. Why?!! I don’t know. I can’t stand that anymore.

Anyways, I still have a long struggle with them for something that will be taking place by the end of the month. Can’t imagine they will prevent me from going.

Lately I’ve not been in a good mood, having conflicts with myself which I need to resolve. I need for once to feel peace within.

Kept listening to al wada3 by Fairouz all day long. An amazing song.
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i told u i'm willing to go ,anyway,seems u meant certain persons.
It's not the end of the world though, there're lots of concerts, exhibitions , lectures throughout the year :).
Concerning the "not to go alone" thing , i think it's natural, parents always like to protect their kids even if it doesn't seem logical to them.
Wala tez3ali, next time u want to attend any of the above u just say u want to and u had Rain who was willing to join and I can do to and I am sure there will be some others who would love to attend and we can make it bloggers' gathering :)
I am a BIG fan of Fayrouz too.
  At 3/14/2006 04:29:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
As for the end of the month thingie..I really understand how tough not to attend it...but to be honest..I didn't even mention it at home...for I got the approval on April's thing...fa I don't want to lose..."3asfour fel yad w keda" :)) Ur parents bas are being protective ya Moon...which is natural...I sometimes get furious at it...but I really appreciate and understand their motives. Cheer up :)
Rain, I didn't mean certain people!! I thought if you were interested to come, you would have contacted me. Didn't want to be a pushy person. Anyways, 7'erha fi 3'erha isA.

Nesreena, I like that idea of bloggers gathering.. hope next time we could make it.
I'm a big fan of Fairouz as well, love her songs.

Nerro, see, you understand that it's smth I couldn't miss. I'm trying my best to convince them that it's gonna be smth to remember to be able to make anyone of them come with me. They are not interested.. tab ana a3mel eih! They don't want to join, nor are letting me go on my own.

I don't have any 3asafeer fi edy :)) fa no problem in struggling for that one.

Sometimes I understand their motives behind being that protective.. but still, I'm not convinced, I hate to be controlled by someone. Anyways, I guessed I'm used to that.