My vacation

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Feeling better than yesterday.

The vacation is about to come to an end :( and will be back to work. So, how was your vacations?

Mine was better than expected. The last plan was spending the vacation at home, but at the last moment that plan changed.. and I went to the trip I was wishing for :D

You can’t imagine how happy I was despite the fact that we didn’t complete it to the end, we only went for two days, but they were what I wanted.

Two days of short hikes. First was hiking wadi el Arbaen, then we went into El Ghola Cave, to see the endemic plant Rosa Arabica at its entrance. After walking for a while we had some rest and drank tea with 7bak at 3am Ramadan where we had the chance of seeing Hyrax (Wabar in Arabic) then we hiked wadi Sharyj back to St. Katherine town.

The following day was the fun part, it was really very nice. We went to the White Canyon and Arada Canyon about 70 km away from St. Katherine town. The Arada Canyon felt as if you are in one of those mazes where we are walking in very narrow space, climbing and descending rocks. I really liked it, felt like a little kid sliding on slides. (Will be updating the post with photos very soon).

Came back to Cairo the night of the feast. Spent the first day with family, second day at home, and today was fun went out with friends and had a family lunch out.

Still don’t want the vacation to end :(

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Kol 3aam wa anti illa Allahi aqrab ya gameela ...

glad you sort of enjoyed your vacation... yalla ba2a we want photos!!!

I don't want the vacation to end either :(