Unfinished Business

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Have been sitting for quite a long time in front of my computer, having the urge to write, but writing nothing.

It has been about a week since I last wrote anything.. many things to say, but not arranged. They are just ideas that pop into my mind every now and then, and whenever I sit to let them out, they just vanish.

Was planning to take a blogging break, don’t know for how long, may be one day, one week, one month. The purpose of that break was to free that part of my mind for something else, a new passion that I’m having. Something that I want to dedicate for it all my time, and I thought I should stop blogging for it consumes a lot from my brain power because it makes me alert all day long for things happening around, and things going through my mind.

However, I discovered that I can’t do that, it’s a habit, even before blogging, I used to write in a diary, I can’t stop my brain from working, thinking, and contemplating.

*During that week, that new rose in the garden grew and became such a mature lovely red rose. Everyday in the morning, I stop by it, watch it for a while, and have a conversation with it. If only I can have that rose there forever, but this never happens, good things in our lives die sooner or later, but that just happen for leaving a space for better things to take their place.

*We had a new colleague, and that might be threatening my blog. I discovered that she is a blogger, or at least she browses blogs. I was shocked to find out that. I was just hoping that none of my colleagues know anything about blogging because I need to keep that place a place to run to when I have something to say, without thinking who might be reading.

Umm.. still, haven’t seen her browsing my blog till now, thank God :D

*So, where did u spend your new year’s eve?
Mine was such a bad evening!!! I was attending an engagement of one of my relatives, and seems that I’m not a social creature. I just can’t tolerate such occasions, especially when everything around is fake. Everything, the people, the smiles, the talk, the greetings, everything! I felt suffocated in the place. Don’t know whether it’s me who have something wrong, or it’s them?!!

*No plans for the vacation till now :( Seems it will be all in Cairo, if not at home. Very tiny probability of going to Alex for one or two days max.

Thought, if I’m gonna spend the 3eed here, I should buy 3eed clothes, but I hate shopping. Can’t find anything, and whenever I shop for clothes, I discover that I’m in an urgent need for going on a diet :S

Wish you all a happy vacation and a happy feast :))
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  At 1/07/2006 12:59:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Moon, come on, I know how boring is shopping, but new clothes for the 3eed is a MUST :))...hope u have a very nice vacation, and kol sana wenti tayeba
Happy Eid for you ,and please don't think again about taking a break ,I really like to see a new content added every time I check my favorite blogs ,you can always find something to write about ,you can even write that you can not find to something to write about!!

I hope that you can also shed some light on your other (secret) passion.

All the best
hey Moon Happy Eid ... u know i feel disappointed when i go for shopping coz of the bad & weird tastes.
anyway hope u could find something suits u :)
Happy 3eed to you Nerro, Night, and Tota :)

Night, don't worry, even if I thought of taking a break, I can't, sooner or later you will find me back.
As for my secret passion, I wish to keep it secret till my dream sees the light, only then, I'll tell you about it.

Nerro and Tota, I bought a skirt lelt el 3eed and spend the whole morning of the 3eed fixing it to suit me :DD

Anyways, hope you are all enjoying ur vacation.