Contradictions of life!

Monday, December 19, 2005
On the same day I've fallen in love with his smile..

It was the same day I've seen pain on her face, on her body, in her voice. Can't imagine that a human can do that to a human being!!
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Ah ya benti!
Ana bat3arrad lel mawqef dah keter awi w mesh ba3rf at3amel ba3d keda khales :(

ba7es ah ya donia ....
I am little confused ,who is he and who is she?
Night, it doesn't matter who is he or who is she.

It was just something that I passed through. On the same day, fell in love with a smile, and was feeling all the happiness in the world.. felt the whole world is smiling.

Only few hours later, I saw that girl on TV. with a horrible story of being tortured. Can't forget how did she look till now..

Was confused.. I was happy, but I can't be anymore after what I've seen.

It made me wonder.. Why is there such contradiction in life?!! Why can't all humans live happy?!! Why pain is always there?!! endless Whys..
Now I have more Clear picture.

I understand your concern ,but this is one part of our life's nature ,you always find alot of wonderful things existing beside horrible peers ,and you said the word(contradiction) ,that's one of this world's basics ,good and evil ,black & white and endless contradictions that gives the meaning of this life ,it's the diversity needed to complete this earthly phase we are living in ,and who knows what is after that.