End of the week.. End of the month.. End of the year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
My week was going in a steady way. Nothing major was happening, the usual routine at work and at home. I was satisfied, but felt that I have no time to do things I like, or wan to do. Each day, I come home planning to write something, but time just flies, and I find myself falling asleep. I say to myself, I’ll sleep early, and wake up early and go to work before the working hours, and write what I want. Actually, this never happens, I barely go on time, if not late.

Today, was extremely different from the rest of the week. All are rushing around, all are having a work pressure, since it’s end of the week, end of the month, and end of the year. Everything is coming to an end, and all are trying to close everything to have a brand new start by starting the year 2006.

Through all that, the power went off. No lights, no computers.. nothing at all. We went out, me and my team to have lunch out, and come back, since it seemed that the power will be off for long time.

After we came back, I had something that I should have submitted about an hour and a half ago when the power went off, and it was urgent. Tried my best, but I had something that I need one of my colleagues to do for me, for I have no access to that particular thing. He seemed to be upset because we went out without him, so he kept on delaying things as if he wanted me to beg him or something. He really irritated me, he acted as a little kid. Seriously, I never thought that reaction would come out from a grown up person.

Anyways, finally he gave me what I want, after begging and asking for it! Did the thing I had to do, and submitted it.

The rest of the day remained with that same pace. Everyone is in a hurry, all need their stuff to get done.

I just hope tomorrow will not be the same hopefully.. I can no longer stand pressure!
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You should have given this silly person a slap on his 2afa(Backneck) to teach him how to treat a lady in a proper way...LOL

Insha2alah every thing will go fine and by the new year things will be more relaxing ,and you will have a bright new year.
I'm hoping for that bright new year, though it doesn't seem to be so!

As for the guy, well, ana mesh na2sa 7ad y2awemny 3aleeh.. ana maskan nafsy bel 3afya 3ano, I don't know what I can do in one of these situations which he does a lot!