It’s snowing!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005
Didn’t I say that I’m still a little kid. Definitely I am. It’s amazing what little things can do with changing my mood. I like playing around with stuff and see them working. No matter how small it is.

If you are reading that on my blog, I can presume that you know what am I talking about. Can you see it snowing here? That’s the little thing I was playing with, and it made me happy :)))

I got to thank Blue for I managed to get that snow through cheating from her blog, with a little of inspecting to get that new snow on my blog.

This winter I very much needed to visit a place where it is snowing. But that’s not gonna happen :( I was ok by going to a place where it will reach under zero, with no snow, but still this isn’t gonna happen either :(

So, no problem, I brought snow here to my little place ;)
There is always a way.. LOL..

It’s strange how I manage to fool myself.. a kid whom I can turn her crying into a smile with a new toy!!
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yama nefsi amsek talg 7a2i2i b 2edaya .. a dream for me :)
Ensha2allah not impossible, we can travel oneday to a country that have Ice! :)
Believing in the dream may make it comes true ,you have a wonderful spirit inside you.

Happy New Year
Hey Moon,
I am enjoying the snow very much. it's affecting my mood too.
Can't tell u how I love winter and the cold weather.
But I must leave your blog now it's freezing here :)
wishing you the happiest new year!
I loved the snow on your blog so much. Can I cheat it too:)
Happy New Year ...
Eman, it's a dream for me as well, though I did that when I was three, but I want to enjoy the feeling when I'm a grown up.

Night, Happy new year to you to. I totally agree that believing in a dream makes it come true. Everything has worked with me that way.

Nesreena, I'm glad you enjoyed the snow here :) Will be putting some fire on so it won't be freezing ;)Wish you a happy new year as well :)

Wonderer, sure you can cheat it :) Happy new year to you too :)