2006 Resolutions

Sunday, January 01, 2006
Carry out 2005 resolutions!
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you made laugh ya moon :)

true, its really stupid to have new resoltuions when you didnt finish (or even start) with the last year's ones :)

Hope you had a wonderful new year, and wish you the best in 2006 Isa.
U know what, I even didn't ask myself fearing to be reminded of 2005 resolutions that have never seen the light :)
Happiest new year!
Hey, Moon, just wanted to wish you a great new year with all the joys that you wish for!
Thank you Chari, Nesreen, and Kayla :) Wish you all the happiest year to come :)

My 2005 resolutions didn't see the light, but hopefully, my 2006 will ;)