Launching the Visual Studio 2005

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Today I was attending the Microsoft solutions summit for launching the Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and the BizTalk Server (New products for Software development released by Microsoft).

Actually I like attending these events, though I hate the marketing tone that's in the Microsoft people when they talk. First time to attend a launch for a product, but used to attend their developers conference for the past three years.

The past three years I used to attend as a student. I remember that whenever I had to fill the registration form, I hated it to write a student in the job title. I used to envy those people who have job titles, and used to think when am I gonna graduate and have a job title. Was always wishing to graduate, work, and attend as a developer or whatever my title is.

My wish came true.. I graduated, I worked, I attended, and I’m having a job title. But it didn’t feel like I thought it would. In fact, it felt better to attend as a student rather than after graduating. I was free.. attend whichever track I want, leave if I’m bored, keep jumping from this track to that one, do whatever I want. But this time, it was my boss who decided which track I’ll attend. I didn’t like that.. I didn’t like it to feel that I’m obliged to attend.

On the other hand, it still felt good to see my old college colleagues, students from my faculty, familiar faces that I see in all events.

Here comes the funny part! And when I talk about funny part in these events, this means it’s about food. Just a hint for the number of people, we were about 2500.

There was supposed a first coffee break. Well, from my previous experience with these events, probably you can’t catch anything, but still there is hope you could get yourself something! But this time it was different. I managed to get myself a cup of tea, and I only had a sight of the things that were there to eat. I even didn’t manage to know where were they.

Ok, no problem, there is lunch and probably it’s gonna be better than each year since it’s in a better place this year. But seems I was dreaming. Before ending the session, people started to leave one after the other.. guess why?! It was lunch time, and seems that they decided to have an early hunt for the food.

After the session was finished, we went out to find out that there isn’t even any traces for food. No problem, they will be refilling. I can’t be describing how did things go. That was really hilarious. People went hunting for food everywhere, for whatever they can get. Actually I was hungry, and I decided I should find a way to get anything to eat. After making my way for something, I found out it’s suttee vegetables with mushrooms, which I don’t like. No problem.. Mad my way out, and waited for something else. Things come and go, and I can’t even see it.

Got bored, and thought I’ll go buy myself something to eat, but then rethought about it, and felt that will take a long time. I waited, either to manage and have something, or just go sit and wait for the coming session.

Then smart people had there way. They caught the waiters the moment they come out with food. That means that even what they carried didn’t reach it’s planned destination! Honestly, that was the way I managed to have something to eat.

Now, it’s time for the dessert. LOL.. I just wanted to know where was it located. Got a piece of cake, and that was enough. Then, thought to myself, I’m thirsty. After a while, a found that waiters are coming out carrying juices. Umm.. and without thinking.. I found the waiter stopped by some people in front of me, and I had my orange juice.

Thank God, I wouldn’t have asked for more than that, and I went to sit waiting for the next session to start.

There is no problem to have the need to eat, and drink. That’s normal. But what’s abnormal is the way people handle that. If only we could have things more organized, this wouldn’t have happened. Each person takes only what will he eat and leave the rest for others. But this will never happen, open buffet will always remain a disaster.
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You know ... there's a saying "hamm yeda7ak we hamm yebakky"... i think it can be applied here.

It's really a shame!!!
  At 12/14/2005 09:12:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Am really happy to see ur mood stabilizing attempts ya Moon, u r doing great, I really love the way you are working on it...keep it up sweetie...

As for this post...I really hate open buffets, I can't handle them aslan, people around the buffet usually freaks me out, fa am usually left out starving :)
Dear Moonlight,

I was really pleased to see my blog among the ones that you read.
Thanks so much.

secondly, I do have the same opinion that "open buffet will always remain a disaster" :) that's very much true.

All the best,
Rain, thought I was going to see you there.. why didn't u come?!

Nerro, I'm happy for that mood stablizing as well :D
As for the open buffets, most of the time I'm left out starving as well.

Nesreen, welcome for the first time on my blog :)
Nothing to thank me for.. your blog deserves to be read :)
I didn't receive the confirmation email.

Tell me , was it interesting :D?
oh i hate buffets!
i totaly relate to your story Moon, we have alot of those, especially in press conferences ad stuff, and to add injury we have an open

journalists dont only get to eat like crazy, they also get drunk..oh well, me rambling again,

anyhow, im glad you feel better, i like the new design of your blog, im on dial up at home so your old blog took ages to load, this one is much better :)
  At 12/15/2005 02:53:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
...hello, I'm one of the "moonlightshadow" bloggers on net. I'm happy that I'm not the only one...
Rain, it was fine, but still u can catch up with things if you would like in the coming MDC.. It's gonna be better.

Chari, I'm glad you like the new design, mesh konty t2olely that the old one took a long time to load, I didn't know about it. Anyways, I'm happy that this one doesn't take much time.. if it does tell me 3ala tool :))

Anonymous, first time to come across another MoonLightShadow.. never thought I would!