New LCD at work :D

Thursday, December 22, 2005
Sometime ago we were promised to have new LCD screens at work. Yup, the screens arrived today. I really like my new screen, I guess it might be the reason for me spending more time at work :D

Lately I hardly was able to sit in front of my home computer screen. It is unfocused which was the reason for the headache that accompanied me for a while.

Went home today, to find my dad replaced my screen with a very old screen that we had many years ago, and he took the other screen to get fixed! Yeah it’s better from that focus point of view, but no comparison between it and the new once I just had at work!

The guy who is going to fix my screen said that it might not get fixed. This leaves me with three options, stay with that screen I’m using now (a refused option), buy a new LCD at home (will appreciate it if dad would be generous and do that), the final option is to buy a new laptop instead of that one my dad claimed he bought it for me, but it’s him who is using it.

Have been having that option going in my mind for sometime, because my PC is making such weird stuff these days, and I’m not in the mood to see what’s wrong with it, will hand it over to my brother, and he checks what’s wrong. Seems it’s time to get things into action. This means I should start saving money :( something that I’ve never succeeded in. I’m such a spendthrift person.

Let me wait and see how things will go with my old screen.. I really loved it.
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Mabrook ya moon :)

3o'bal the one at home whn it becomes LCD one too :)

I had a similar problem cause now I am used to sit and stare into screen for 12 hours per day and the monitor at work has a display resolution that my home screen unable to display! ,so in the rare times I sit in front of my Home PC I would be unable to focus completely.

I guess buying the Laptop would be the ideal selection since you would be replacing your old Laptop also if possible but if you are financilay unable to do that for the time being you can stick to your trials with your father to convince him of financing the LCD transaction!