Vacations season

Friday, December 23, 2005
So, the year is coming to an end.. a new year is starting, and vacation is coming my way. I remember for many years ago the new year meant having exams, and the only thing that marked my new year’s evening was the new year’s eve show on Radio Cairo. I was fine with that, I really enjoyed these years, and was happy starting my new year listening to my favorite announcers and friends on radio.

This year, things are different, no more exams, and I’m having 1st of Jan. vacation. A long weekend tempting me to travel somewhere.

Couple of days ago, the official vacations for the year 2006 were announced at work. A good start by giving us that 1st of Jan vacation, to be followed by another week vacation from 7th to 14th of Jan.

Went home to plan with my family how will we spend these vacations, but they got me disappointed :( my brother will be having an exam on 1st of Jan, and on the 15th! This means nothing but staying at home!

There is still another option, we get divided, two travel, and two stay at home. But I was looking forward for a family vacation where the four of us would enjoy. But seems that will never happen. We can’t find the timing, nor the place.

As for the timing, my vacations doesn’t go with my brother’s. I’m having a vacation he is having exams. He is having the mid year vacation, I’ll be having work!

Finally, we managed of reaching a compromise by making it in my brother’s mid year vacation, and I’ll take two days off work.

Comes the other problem, WHERE?!!
It’s getting hard to find a place the four of us will enjoy. The type of place me and my brother want, doesn’t match that of my father and mother.

Well, that’s nothing new for us, my dad always said that we are 4 with 6 opinions.. LOL.

Back again to that week vacation I’ll be loosing :( I wish to travel, and there is a trip that’s tempting me, but the think of me as a selfish for I’ll be traveling and my brother will be having exams. Moreover, I myself want to spend the 3eed with my family.. umm, don’t know what will I do.
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I don't know why new year's eve is very special to me...even during school days.

I think spending vacation with family and loved ones what makes it special.
I was a fan of Radio Cairo shows during the college time, especially during our mid term exams as listening to the songs dedications and wishing everyone's luck was kind of a moral support for me.
As for your vacation, I have an opinion, that anywhere away from work will be wonderful. Even staying at home will be better as compared to work :)
Still u can go out in Cairo , seize the sunny days, there are a lot of enjoyable and relaxing places.
Hope it's gonna be a nice vacation isA.

Well, since planning didnt work, leave to fate, que sera, sera ;)

Hope you have a wonderful Eid and happy holidays Moon :)
Happy New Year ya moon, isa you will enjoy thr 3eed even if you stay at home:)It is a bless to be among your family:)

BTW, it seems that you read my blog secretly, with no comments:) I didn't expect to find my name in your sidebar:)
You are welcomed dear anytime in my blog but please next time leave me a comment. I like it when people comment:))

Have a wonderful vacation dear
Rain, I guess so as well, who you spend it with makes a difference.

Nesreen, yes, Radio Cairo was and is always of moral support to me. I guess even if I spent my vacation at home, I'll be happy, I realized that it's me who controls that, not the place, nor the people, however, they do count.

Chari, Happy Eid to you too :)) Will take your advice and leave it for fate :)

Wonderer, Happy new year to you too :))
Yes, I'm a silent visitor to your blog, and may be to half the list on my side bar, sometimes I don't find something to say, or I don't have the time to write. However, I'm very keen on reading them all, as much as I can.
I promise that I'll be a more frequent commenter :)
Hope you'll enjoy your vacation in Egypt :)
moon he is engineering.. means : 5 years no vacation..
so if u want to imprison ur self with him then don't go out..
bas my humble advise is go somewhere, and just forget having ur brother around.... engineering is a total mess!
Seems you are right ya Blue, having an engineering brother is a total mess. I suggest he goes to another college.. currently all of us are suffering from that enineering, not only him!