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Saturday, December 10, 2005

For those who have followed that blog for sometime, will definitely realize that I’m a pessimistic, gloomy person who most of the time see the negative side of things. But that is over. From now on, I’ll not be such a pessimistic person.. will always know that there is always a brighter side that I have to see.. will enjoy every moment and make the best out of it.

That’s the conclusion I came out with after attending a lecture on Thursday titled “da3wa ll tafa2ol” (An invitation for optimism) by dr.
Ibrahim el Fiky.

When I rethink of the whole thing again.. I find that coincidence plays a big role in my life. I heard about that lecture some time ago,. Was enthusiastic about attending it, though I only read a book for him. Didn’t see any of his programs. I didn’t know if attending that lecture will be interesting or not, but still felt I need to check it. Was too lazy to go and book a ticket. Once was in a shopping mall, and found their booth there. Thought, that’s good and well, nothing to be lazy about, and bought the ticket.

On Thursday, was too lazy to go attend the lecture, and was going to give up my ticket to a friend. But still, urged myself to go and check, I won’t loose anything. If I found it boring, I’ll leave. Dressed up, and went.

I’ve got to say that these two or three hours I’ve attended might be the reason to a profound change in my perspective of life. He didn’t say something I don’t know. But I’m the kind of person who is affected by words easily, especially if deep inside I agree to what is said, but I only need someone to remind me.

Through his talking about pessimistic people, I felt that he is just describing me, and I wondered why am I doing that to myself. Nothing deserves.

I’ve attended many lectures before for human development, and each time I come out and say.. I’m gonna change.. I’ll apply what was said.. and it’s only couple of weeks maximum, and I’m back to who I used to be.

But this time.. there is a deep will inside me to change.. to be a new cheerful person, no matter what happens.

Just doing that for only one day.. made me feel like I’m another person. I felt that even my happiness and optimism is affecting people around me. My positive attitude is transmitting. Felt happy to find surrounding people happy..
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I am glad for you, Moon. Some say that optimistic persons are just stupid people that refuse to see the bad light on things. Maybe true, but the same ones say pessimistics are just stupid, so 1-0 for those who still trust things will get better!
Aywa keda !!! Good for you ya Moon :-)
You know Kayla, I don't care if I'm thought of as a stupid by people who refuse to see the bright side, all I care about is my own satisfaction with that stupidity ;)

Me, Thank you my friend :)