Moon is not happy :(

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Have been relatively going on a steady mood, more into an up mood rather than a down one. But still I have a feeling that there is something missing, but can’t put my hand on it, or can I?!

I’m trying to get along with my colleagues at work, it’s kinda going fine. But today I was really upset. Each one has something extra he throws it on me. Being the nice, non objecting lady I am, they make use of it. They forgot a very important fact, I have a limit, once it reached it’s threshold, I’m not responsible for the consequences!

To be honest, it’s not that big load of work, but what I don’t like is that everyone of them cares only about his stuff. They keep asking for it, which distracts me. I can’t concentrate on one thing and finish it to the end. I keep jumping from this to that. Each one saying that his things have the priority!

I have to finish all the unfinished business this week, which means tomorrow, which means going at least an hour early to work. Uhh.. another early day! Well, nothing was bugging me the previous couple of days except waking up early. It’s really a fight between me and myself everyday. No matter how early I sleep, I just can’t wake up early. I have a waking up early phobia.

Will go sleep now.. Wish I’ll get up early tomorrow with a good mood.
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You can simply put is straight and be honest about ur limits and state it clear to them..don't feel embarrassed , nothing to be embarrassed about it.

And as for the waking up early issue ..well u hit a nerve Moon!!
I really can't get up early :( , no matter how I tried ... don't know what happened to me..I guess it's my subconsious mind..I don't have a good reason for waking up early each day..except obligation , but it's not enough reason anymore.
I feel really guilty for my laziness..I don't know why I reached this state..before that I used to do stuff I hate with very serious commitment , now I can't help being careless...

I agree with Rain. It's normal to help your colleagues out. After all there will be times when you will need help. But you should draw the line at the point where it distracts you from your work which is your first responsibility. Be honest & polite. You'll only have to do it once and stick to it. Then everyone will adjust to your limits.

I have no problem getting up early but somehow I'm always late for work anyway because I always find a million things to do in the hour between getting up & getting to work.

I hope you'll get up fresh and bright tomorrow & that it will be a great day.

Sabah Elkhair.:)
  At 12/08/2005 09:13:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
It is normal specially with new hires...they usually get abused...but as Rain and Loulou told u....stop it be sharp and nice at the same time...and they will go with the new rules.

As for waking up early ba2a, can't help u with this, as am an early person by nature...but after a while you will get used to it and will have no problem whatsoever in waking up will even find urself doing it even during the weekends & holidays :)) cheer up ya Moon...and have the most beautiful day ever.
Work sucks sometimes I know, it starts with you being supportive, helpful, and just plainly nice. But you end up being swamped.. *sighs* people always do that what starts as a favor end up an obligation. Just stand up and declare that you have to finish one thing at a time and if everyone wants his thing done, they better buzz off and let you do your thing.
Be good girl and hopefully the change of mood will be on your way.
Dear all,

Thank you for your support and kind words.

Will be trying to take your advice and put and end to that.

My day was good a good one yesterday.. though didn't finish what I had.. but what the heck.. won't bother myself.

As for waking up.. I'm trying my best to adapt myself for it.