Judging a book by it’s cover?!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Last night, after finishing my work, went to the culture wheel to reserve for a concert. After I was done, thought of having a walk to Diwan, where I wanted to buy a book, Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Went in, and kept surfing the bookshelves for it. I know I could have just asked for it. But I just love going through books, reading a quote from here and a line from there. I feel like I want to buy the whole bookshop. And here lies the conflict, since my pocket can’t afford all the books I want.

When it’s time for me to prioritize one book to the other, I get lost. I don’t know on which basis should I prefer a book to the other. I face that problem whenever I get into a bookshop to buy a book.

I keep saying, I want to buy this, then I find another interesting one, and third one, etc.. and I end up either buying nothing, or buying a bad one.

It happened with me a lot that I liked a book from it’s cover and by skimming through it. But when I buy it, and start reading, I find it boring.

I don’t have a certain author whom I like his writings. Actually, I even don’t like it being attached to a certain author. I’d rather go through diverse collection of thoughts.

I just hate it when I don’t know how to judge a book :(

After I finished surfing the bookshop, not knowing what to buy, I went directly and asked for the book I wanted, but unfortunately, I didn't find it.

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It is a great book. A friend of mine recommended me this book back in 94. Until today, this book remains my favourite and I until this moment pick it up to anyone who asks me to suggest something from them to read.

Read it. It is great.
Haal, I know it's a good one, read some reviews about it. But I couldn't find it neither online, nor at Diwan.

Do you know from where can I get it?
Moon, most of the times I buy books that have been recommended to me by certain friends that were right before. Another option is to buy books from an author I know (have read before) but I sometimes go by instinct, rarely though, because I can't even catch up with what books I know about (recommended or read about in other books), so I can't really fail.
Well Moon, I suggest u go by intuition , it works ;).

Just pick the book according to the topic u r interested in ...and usually (in my opinion) valuable books don't have attractive covers..it's relative though.