Thank you my brother for lifting the mood up

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Last night was my brother’s school graduation party.

I can’t say how much I love my brother, he is very special to my heart. I was very happy to see him graduating. It gave me a strange feeling. I found myself smiling and crying at the same time.

The whole thing was very touching. Starting from seeing my old teachers to meeting some colleagues from different years, seeing the happiness in the eyes of each and everyone of the students, and watching a presentation for their pictures since they were in kindergarten till they reached high school.

I just found tears rolling down, and I’m incapable of controlling them. I wasn’t sad, I was very happy, and proud of my brother, the students (current and graduated), and my school. It felt like a one big family is celebrating.

The guys and girls were amazing. You feel like they are all shining stars, each is going to be successful in his/her own path. And yes, it’s true that our school graduates are distinguished.

That day caused a flow of emotions within .. remembering my school days, my graduation day, and all the good memories.

My dear brother, I wish you the best through your life.
Wish you success,
Wish you joy,
Wish you achieve your dreams.
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While reading your post I felt very happy too...don't know why exactly it cause u were happy or is it the event itself..but I guess I just absrub the feelings u were describing..good memories , the hope for a bright future, the strong bond between u and ur brother.

Wish your brother all the best :)
Rain is happy and i'm also happy simply because moonlightshadow expressed a ture feeling, and i love my family, each and everyone of them, your happiness for your brother was really touching to me

congratulation for your brother, and may you both never be apart inshallah
life go quick and we grow old by the time, no matter how much we preserve our hearts time don't care for that

few weeks ago they told me my niece will be engaged soon!! the same smile came to my face, smile of happiness but wonder of life and how quick it goes

that is life then, and that is what they call relative time, the time that went so slow on us worked pretty much fast on others, here i am a kid that is an uncle of a young girl getting married :)
Rain and Mohamed, Thank you for your wishes :)

Free Soul, exactly, it's the smile of wonder, wondering how fast this life is going. Moments that you waited for, but never knew it will come your way that quickly.. Our life is just a stream of moments that flows. Congratulations for your niece :)
moon.. i wished i was there :'( he2 he2..

kol mara i'd remember i had a free invitation at hand and didn't go there..... i would cryyyyyyyyyyy

the rest of my friends told me the same: yaretk konti henak..

*cries cries*

hopefully nxt yr my brother's grad. would be as fine